Apr. 26th, 2012

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Who: Kiritsugu Emiya, Maiya Hisau, Archer (Emiya)
What: Things don't go according to plan in Kiritsugu and Maiya's attempt to maintain Saber dead.
When: Backdated to April 24, before Lancer's log
Where: Location of Saber's murder
Rating: R for potential blood, violence

Converging Ideal, Diverging Motive )
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Who: Taro Watanabe and Albedo
What: Taro's feeling more impulsive, so he decides to try to steal something rare. Those rare books he saw through a window will do!
When: Forward-dated to Friday the 27th, night
Where: Albedo's room and then wherever Taro runs like hell to.
Rating: R for potential blood and violence. Because Albedo.

[It's dark, and Taro's been itching for something to steal. He needs some extra money, anyway. People in the hotel are more likely to have rare stuff than people in the dorms, so he heads to the roof to start climbing down and peeking through windows.]

[He spots a bookcase full of rare books, and no one inside, so he heads back to the interior of the building and pulls out some safety pins and gets to work on the lock. After a few minutes of work, he slips inside, looking around to see what's the oldest or the rarest.]
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Who: Souji Seta ([personal profile] socializing) & Eater ([personal profile] harpbeat)
What: A daaaaaaaaaate a daaaaaaaaate! Maybe! Sorta! Kinda!
When: Backdated to an available free afternoon and evening!
Where: A high end clothing retailer, possibly more!
Rating: PG; will adjust if necessary!

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