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the hero nobody knows; (OPEN)

WHO: [personal profile] Saber (Arturia) & whatever innocent bystanders get sucked in
WHAT: After clearing a bunch of trash mobs, Saber's stuck fighting a mid-boss. Unexpectedly being bested by a Shadow who uses an ability she knows nothing about.
WHEN: Dark Hour of September 28th
WHERE: Streets

It had been a busy few days for Saber; between the Shadows tricking the people of this land and tending to those who found themselves wounded (herself included), it was becoming apparent that she was being taxed to her limits. No matter. As one who swore the oath of a knight, she had to stick to those promises by protecting everyone she could. Saber's strength wasn't the cause of the numbers that sought her out directly though, oh no, that had to do with the many ghosts who followed her every day in this land.

When she happened upon Shirou Emiya, it was impossible to tell if he had been there for her or if he was the one responsible for Issei's downfall. No matter, it had been easy enough for her to deliver the killing blow with her sword. Kiritsugu Emiya had been an easier kill for startling her lady the days prior and for everything he's inflicted upon her before. Each kill became easier for the King of Knights as she went through every single one of the Knights of the Round Table, from Gawain to Lancelot, from Mordred to Kay.

Why even sweet and kind Sir Bedivere met his end without any hesitation.

With a tattered gown that desperately needed to be mended, Saber stood on top of a building tall enough to overlook the district she was in. Perched alongside her would be a bright red dragon, screaming out towards the sky with a roar that made the gusts of wind pick up.

"Find the rest." An order issued to the dragon met only one thing; this magnificent beast must be the Persona for the King of Knights. Rarely seen and even used less, she never called upon him until this week. Collapsed down to catch her breath, Saber wouldn't pick up on the presence nearby until they began to speak.

So for those who happened to be near her might be treated to an interesting sight. A barren wasteland covered in swords and with turning gears in the cloudy sky, although it seems none of the weapons are strong enough to be used.
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Of course he was out looking for her, injured or not. Diarmuid knew damn well Saber wouldn't be resting, so of course he could do no less. The sudden change in scenery stopped him in his tracks--a hallucination? It seemed real enough, but he could say that of quite a few things lately. Cautiously, Diarmuid shifted his grip on the crimson lance he held and called out for the one he was looking for:


Was she involved with this somehow? Or was this a situation having to do with someone else entirely?
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Diarmuid stepped back at that, startled. Could Gilgamesh have...? No way, that wasn't possible. At least not as far as he could tell. Immediately shifting into a fighting stance, he looked around for the source of those blades.
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"...I don't know."

That wasn't Gilgamesh, at any rate. Thinking it over for a moment or two, Diarmuid drove his lance into the ground beside him and went to pull out two of the swords instead. He always was one who thought it best to work with what he was given, and he could cover his current weaknesses better with two weapons than just one.
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he can't help it

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"Just like Oscar, then. So there is but one thing left to do."

The swords were twirled lightly in his hands as he estimated the weight and reach of them both--not preferable as far as swords went, but good.
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but dual-wielding is +10 to his charisma score

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"I'm sorry. But I can not simply allow such a threat to remain if I am able to stop it."
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everyone? :B

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"...He's going to."

Diarmuid ignored Archer's words, though his eyes were still sharply focused on him.

"Arturia, he's just like all the others. We should finish this before it starts."
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Stunned, he lowered his guard and stepped back.

"You can't...Honestly, have you lost your mind? Think about what it is you are doing!"
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"...I'm sorry, Arturia. I can't ignore a threat like this."

Diarmuid stepped around her easily, tightening his hold on the swords he held before quickly closing the distance between himself and Archer for an attack.
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It was something so unimaginable, Diarmuid hadn't even thought to guard against it. Arturia's presence meant he didn't need to guard his own back, that much had been engraved in his mind as second nature by now. So to say the attack caught him off guard would be a terrible understatement--it left him falling to one knee and leaning heavily on one of the swords he held for support.
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That was all he could say. This was too impossible a situation for him to even be angry; there was only shock and disbelief on his face.