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Nothing like a dungeon run during Halloween week

WHO: Saori and anyone who wants to join.
WHAT: Caliban crawl 
WHERE: ....Caliban
WHEN:  Oct 29-Nov 2 
WHY: Because some people want to relieve their stress and boredom by killing shadows. Oh and reaching out for the truth or something like that.
Rating: PG-13 for violence against Shadows and other things?

On the 29th, everyone on the network received a brief text from Saori:

"If anyone is interested in doing a dungeon run, I'll sticking around the entrance of Caliban for the next few days."

While she wasn't being affected by whatever was going on and the loss of a co-worker, Saori decided she was slacking the progress in exploring Caliban's depths. Regardless, she decided to camp out in front of Caliban's entrance, fighting the shadows that hung around there as she waited. And yes, her hair color is actually a dusty rose pink because of her costume for Halloween. Plus it would be fun to mix it up.

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*Big surprise, Margulis is showing up on the first day. He's only got one sword with him this time, but there's a cross dangling from his left wrist that isn't usually there.*

So, this is the turnout for the full moon. I'm beginning to wonder if the information I received about powerful Shadows on that night was pure falsehood.
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*He quickly draws his saber and slices through the closest Shadow.*

This place even produces the undead? That's unusual...unless the animated corpses were those of people familiar to us Persona users, it seems like a strangely impersonal full moon effect for this place.
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Considering I've been present for several months by this point and have yet to see one, that statement should go without saying.

*He summons Paschar and follows her fire attack with a Maha Zio, simultaneously swinging around to bisect a shadow behind him.*

But I suppose we should count our blessings. As disappointing as a mere increase in the number of shadows is, it's at least more than likely more straightforward than dealing with a unique and unfamiliar larger one.
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And why not? Even in a world such as this, there's still the possibility of God's graces reaching us.

*He's going to be so determined this never happened after the event. But for now, more shadows are getting electrocuted.*
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*Blink. That's right, he did have issues with deities before. But his mind quickly supplies an explanation that doesn't conflict with the rumor.*

That situation was different. I've had prior experience with someone claiming to act on God's behalf and in the end, he revealed that he had been manipulating me and my people the entire time.

*He's still slicing through Shadows, himself.*
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*He pauses in his destruction of shadows to raise the pendant, making it difficult to miss the fact that the cross is upside down. Paschar takes up the slack, though, cutting through another shadow with a Zan-ei.*

It's not something I display constantly, but it's a symbol of my faith against unholy menaces.
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I suppose these vermin we're disposing of right now qualify, but I would ordinarily be raising my blade against twisted mockeries of former humans that exist solely to sow destruction and spread their curse to other sentient beings.

*He pulls out another Maha Zio, kicking an outlier into range of the attack.*
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[ It was refreshing to be out on the eve of Samhain, at least then she doesn't have to worry about no one celebrating it in the same way she did. Having remembered Saori's offer, she thought she might linger around the entrance herself to see how many showed up. After all, she is curious as to who still fights in this place and it seemed as good of a way as any to determine that. ]
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You offered, did you not? It would have been rude to leave you waiting here on your own.

[ That is the very reason she came. She was under the impression no one else might show up. ]
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Well, now I have a much needed purpose in arriving here as I did. Have none of the others arrived though? We would need a full group in order to explore as deep as I would like to.
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[It was actually something of a coincidence that Ein was here tonight. He hadn't been paying much attention to the network the past few days, and today he just happened to be passing by...]

Oh, hey there! I don't usually see anyone else out this late.
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Well, that's been true. I've kind of been trying out a few things... Not all of them really worked all that well.