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Place Your Bets

WHO: Saori Nakagawa & Margulis; any spectators welcome
WHAT: That sparring match they promised
WHEN: Tuesday 11/20, morning
WHERE: Outskirts of town
WHY: Because they wanted to. And people can place their bets
WARNINGS: Violence but not to the point where someone gets murdered. I hope.

On this morning, Saori was up but not at the Elysium tea house. Any employees or early bird customers can find a sign saying "Opening Late Today. Sorry for the Inconvenience." 

Instead she was in the outskirts of town, dressed in her attire she normally reserved for the Dark Hour, waiting for someone.There were several metal flasks attached to her waist since they provided her secret weapon. She had her eyes closed in thought until she heard footsteps.

"Glad you could come, Margulis. Ready when you are."
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Margulis was dressed normally for Dark Hour, except for one small detail. The saber that hung at his side wasn't the one he normally used, but the one Saori would have only seen once before, when Margulis had deemed it necessary to arm himself more heavily than normal.

"I've been looking forward to this. I would have to be bedridden to miss this appointment."

Almost before a normal person would be able to see that he was reaching for his weapon, let alone register it, he drew his sword and slashed it through the air into a ready position. Flame enveloped the blade the entire time it was moving, only to vanish without so much as leaving a haze of heat around the metal when it stopped.

"Now, I hope you're prepared to lose!"

Leaving her just enough time that she couldn't claim he'd attacked without warning her that the fight had started, he swung his blade downward. From the point it hit the ground, blue flame leaped to life and shot out in a straight line, tearing through everything in its path until it hit the limit he'd set for it.
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Just assume that any time he swings his sword, it's on fire.

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"I've never been fond of wasting time."

He whipped his blade up from the ground to deflect the shards of earth, cutting through them with no difficulty. But he hated being on the defensive. As soon as he'd cleared a path, he charged forward, leaping up to aim a diagonal slash at her while her movement was limited.
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At least it opens up room for jokes?

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He fell to the ground and landed in a crouch. He hadn't been expecting something like that, but it was interesting. It also meant that he should probably avoid attacks that were likely to light fires if they missed. That made this slightly more difficult, since fire was the element that came easiest to him, but he could manage.

Almost as soon as he hit the ground, he jumped back, putting enough distance between them that he could aim properly. And the second his feet touched the ground again, he swung his blade around to point at the ground and stabbed it down. From the spot where the sword disappeared into the dirt, a web of electricity spread out, arcing toward Saori.