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A New Arrival

Who: Zelgius and YOU!
What: Zelgius arrives in Prospero and needs a little help learning about the place.
When: December 6th, in the afternoon
Where: The hotel
Rating: PG, most likely.

Zelgius awoke with a start. He had just fought Ike, lost, and been left to die... but suddenly, he was awake, and in an unfamiliar room. Had he been rescued? Slowly, he got up and saw the cell phone by his bedside. He gazed at it for a moment, touched it, and accidentally turned it on. He was more than a little surprised when it lit up and showed the display, then turned back off after he just stared at it. Figuring that the device might be useful despite having no idea what it was, he took it with him as he went downstairs to the lobby. There, he watched for people who might be able to help him. People going through the lobby might be greeted as follows:

"Excuse me... This may seem like a strange question, but what is this place?"
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"Zelgius?" Sanaki had spotted him looking around, and immediately made her way toward him. "General Zelgius, is that you?"

Aside from her and Leanne, she hadn't seen anyone she knew here during her whole stay.
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"We are no longer in Tellius, it seems." Sanaki let out a heavy sigh. "This city is called Prospero, on a continent and world quite different from our own. There are great mysteries at work here, the least being how to return home. But I am comforted to see you."
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"It has been about one year by this place's calendar since I arrived - hold." Sanaki furrowed her brow. "You say you were dueling with Ike, and that you may have died from it? When did such a thing occur and how?"
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"Confront the... Goddess...?"

Sanaki shook her head. "General, please tell me exactly what year it was when you left Tellius."
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"...I see. For me, and for Leanne - the only other person to arrive from Tellius besides you and I - it has only been one year," Sanaki explained.
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"I am afraid not. If you would speak of them more, perhaps I would understand what you mean, but for now I cannot fathom why anyone would attack the goddess's tower."

Really, the idea was laughable.
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"You would withhold it from your empress?" Sanaki folds her arms across her chest. "Though I understand your reasoning, I am not pleased. You're lucky that your arrival here balances that out."
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She shook her head. "I will allow you to keep it to yourself for the time being. Come. I will show you the workings of this city."
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"There is no specific place, but many of those brought here are warriors," she answered. "If you ask them, I'm certain that you will be able to spar against them. First, of course, you'll need to find a weapon."
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"There is one. Though its origins are dubious, the weapons sold are of good quality."

Sanaki nodded. "There is quite a variety of worlds that we hail from."
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"There was another weapons shop here, but overnight it was replaced and the current owners do not remember the first ever being there, nor have ever heard of the first owner."

Very dubious.
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"Certainly. Follow me." She pauses, then asks, "Would it be all right if I did something foolish and unbefitting of my station...?
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Sanaki carefully approaches him and hugs him tightly.

It's foolish, and unbecoming. But she was lonely here, and even Leanne's appearance didn't make up for missing those she lived with and cared for.
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"Tell me, at least, one thing about your future." She's quiet. "Lord Sephiran. Does he yet live?"

That is the most important thing.
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Sanaki let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. "Good. ...Forgive me for my display."
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Sanaki ducks her face before nodding. "Let us go."
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A girl with her big hair tied back rollerskated into the lobby, followed by a small dog and four kittens. She braked at the new arrival and waved.

"Yo, how's it going?"
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"Whoaaaa." She thought for a moment. "The universe works in mysterious ways, man. Welcome to Prospero. We're stuck here, but it's not that bad, y'know?"
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Saori finished work at the tea house early and gave her Aussie Shepherd dog Sirius a walk. Today was one of the rare days she wasn't going to deal with the Dark Hour. Since her room was on the first floor, it would be natural for her to meet the newest arrival in the lobby.

"This place? This is the island Prospero. Somehow this place brings people from different times and worlds, you see. My name is Saori. What's yours?"
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"I'm afraid no one really knows. They've managed to pull people from even death after all," she sighed and gave her dog a pat on the head. "Nice to meet you too. Well, Zelgius, I might be able to answer most of your questions about this place. Sadly, I don't know a way out of here or why were brought here."