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Who: Pellegri and Margulis
When: The evening of whenever regains happen.
Where: Margulis's
Rating: G, but maybe adult language?

It might have been a strange sight, a woman walking through the hotel with a shopping bag, and two dangerous weapons, but Pellegri really didn't care. And really would anyone try to stop her? Probably not. Aside from that, it wasn't a terribly long trek from her own room to Margulis's, and when she arrived, she shifted the items she carried so she could knock on his door.
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Margulis couldn't say he had been expecting company, but he opened the door regardless. A quick glance at Pellegri was all it took to figure out one reason for her visit.

"I see this place has finally been generous enough to allow you to reclaim what was yours to begin with."
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"Oh? And what is it that's so important that you couldn't at least inform me ahead of time."

Despite his complaints about the suddenness of the visit, he stepped back to allow her inside.
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He scowled at her mention of his former title as he accepted his weapon back.

"Is it no longer considered common courtesy to give notice before paying someone a visit?"
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"Not going out of my way to visit isn't the same as outright avoiding."

It took him a moment to recognize the language on the bottle, being only vaguely familiar with its written form, but he somehow managed to look even less impressed when it clicked.

"Of all the common languages on this planet, you would have to find something in that one."
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"I'm not particularly fond of the reason for most of my experience with that language."

Albedo had given Margulis plenty of reason to learn some more colorful phrases in French, simply so he would know when he was being insulted. It had made him rather sick of hearing it.

"The location, however, is another matter."

He wasn't too eager to take the glass, but he could see that Pellegri was going to insist on keeping him company whether he was in a sociable mood or not. Seeing as he was never in a sociable mood these days, he could see her point.
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He noted the difference in amounts but didn't bother to comment, just giving her a pointed look before he sat down. If it had been anyone else, he would have refused outright, but Pellegri was the one person he trusted enough to let his guard slip around.

"But I suspect that my opinion on your discovery wasn't what you came to discuss."
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That was a difficult question and he took a sip of his own wine as he contemplated how to answer it. He knew she was looking for a serious answer and wouldn't accept an obvious attempt to change the subject, but he hadn't been honestly fine since his discussion with Wilhelm all those months ago. He'd had his more positive moments, but they were ultimately just transitory distractions from the emotions that had been eating at him. And Jin's arrival hadn't simplified matters, either...nor, for that matter, had Pellegri's cold reaction to Saori. It probably wasn't a coincidence that he'd been feeling more reclusive than normal recently.

He'd made a small but noticeable dent in his wine by the time he responded, "I've been managing, though certain events of late haven't improved my mood."
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"Hmph, what else? Uzuki's face wasn't one I had hoped to see."

As much as he did miss his old friend at his core, in Margulis' mind, they had drifted too far apart. Fifteen years of enmity couldn't just be swept under the rug because one side had realized his mistakes.