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Name:The Velvet Key Log Community
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Community description:A roleplay based off of the game Persona 3

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Persona. A single word you hear whispered before you wake up in the town of Prospero. No one's sure how you got here, all anyone knows is that you're stuck. Your powers, special items, and maybe even your appearance, are gone. You're now a normal human, forced to live the day to day life in a dying town. And then night falls, the clock strikes twelve, and you realize this quaint little town isn't quite so normal. There's something strange going on during the night. The natural citizens are blind to it, but you've seen the creatures that overtake the town. You're the only ones with the power to fight them, with a strange new ability. A Persona.



The Velvet Key is a pan-fandom game based off of Persona 3. It is set in "modern times" in the United States on a low-population island named Prospero. Characters are stripped of their powers and all belongings save for what was on their person last. There are plenty of shops to provide supplies for battle and everyday survival. The Dark Hour takes place every night and events take place as the full moon nears.

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