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[Tonight, when midnight of the full moon hits, a certain large Arcana will make it's presence known; the Magician Arcana will be appearing outside the police station, a small group of Shadows appearing around it. The small number of helper Shadows might seem to be a relief, except this is a new Shadow that nobody has ever seen before. Characters with Analysis will be able to discover that the Shadows in this group are a lot stronger than they appear:
Sleeping Table (Magician): It has no weaknesses, blocks light/darkness spells and strike, and resists slash, pierce and fire. It attacks by using fire and almighty spells, and inflicts fear.
Persona users will have to fight in groups and work together in order to take down these new Shadows and the Magician Arcana, as this fight can only be won once all the Shadows plus the Magician Arcana have been defeated. Luckily, Persona users will find they are no longer suffering from haywire powers but they have also lost the abilities.]

» Groups can consist of three to six people.
» The group of Shadows consists of five Sleeping Tables. These must all be defeated along with the Magician Arcana, as defeating the Magician Arcana first will not cause them to vanish or retreat. Though with the Magician Arcana also attacking Persona users, this will be a challenging fight. Luckily, it doesn't have the same resists and blocks as the Sleeping Tables, but it also has no weaknesses.
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[ As expected, when midnight of the full moon hits, a specific Arcana will make it's presence known. The Lovers Arcana will be resting up too high to actually reach though. Instead, there appears to be two significantly large groups each of various level shadows and do they appear to be protecting something? Further inspection will show that in one group, there's a dark shade that appears to be man-like in appearance and in the opposite group? A shade that appears to be woman-like in appearance. Sound a bit familiar?

It might not take Persona owners long to figure out the goal: defeat both of these shades at the same time. Doing so will force the Lovers to retreat and victory will be achieved. Each shade is protected by a variety of shadows in the second block. ]

♥ Killing one shade (man or woman) without killing the other will result in the other one resurrecting it.
♥ Groups can consist of 3~6 characters.
♥ Characters are still under the effects of the event until the the Dark Hour is over with.
♥ Please tag this entry with your character when you have tagged in please.
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[When you arrive at the business district, you'll find the Empress Arcana boss there waiting.  Several shadows that look with fur clad women on love seats, the Elegant Mothers, surround the Boss. Defeat them, defeat the Boss.]

[The Elegant Mothers are weak to physical and non Persona attacks.  Remember, groups consist of five or less!]
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«OOC» This log will be run different than the ones prior to it. We are asking players to pretty much handle the boss fight on their own instead of asking mods to play out the boss battle. If you do need assistance or have any questions, please reply to this thread and we will answer back as soon as possible. Due to the timing of this log, please feel free to backtag on it for as long as you like. If you need a refresher on the event, please glance over this post.

The day (October 15) has ultimately been a rough one, taxing on both civilians and those who aren't naturally from this world. Naturally, the power of the full moon breaks the cycle and victory grows further out of reach for those who seek it. The "zombies" roam well beyond the Dark Hour and throughout the day. Wreaking havoc on those who stand in the way and even those who try to run, it appears that this is going to be a very taxing time of battle.

Good news everyone! The Death Arcana has made it's appearance in front of the hotel. Almost as though they were expecting people to return there for safety. Bad news everyone... It seems the zombie population here is much higher, almost as though they were drawn in by this being's presence. There's a sliver of hope however! This one doesn't seem to have the usual trash mobs shadows around it...

Remember, parties can consist of 3-6 characters. It might not be a bad idea to team up when there's this many zombies shuffling around...
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When midnight strikes and the dark hour falls, and things are beginning to look as they did on that fateful night a month ago. The streets are empty of shadows. The characters feel a strange power pulling them, not towards the dungeon, but to the Golden Palace Casino.  

Once there characters will find a large creature (the Fortune) in on top of the roof. It resembles a giant pair of dice with a mask on the taller stack. On the ground below are smaller shadows (Merciless Mayas), standing in two groups either side of an extremely large spinning wheel that once stood in the entry way of the building.  In front of the wheel are Kanda and Syd, both tied up and caged bent and broken prop items from inside the casino.

When characters try to get closer, the wheel will be spun and after a few moments. Kanda is released.  Syd will be suddenly carted off to the roof to stay trapped beside the Arcana shadow and suddenly the smaller shadows will start to attack.

The groups can consist of three to six people. The objective is the defeat the smaller shadows, doing so will defeat the Fortune and save Syd.

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When midnight strikes and the dark hour falls, characters will notice things are not going as they have in the past few weeks. The streets, normally crawling with shadows, are empty. There’s a thick tension in the air and characters may feel a strange power pulling them towards the dungeon in the business ward.

Once there characters will find a large creature (the Hermit) in the entrance way. It is crawling on several legs, has a mask like face and gravity defying blue fur around the head. Several feet away from it, spaced out in a semi circle around it are smaller creatures (Noble Seekers). These creatures look like floating clay masks with eyes encircling them. Once the larger shadow sees the intruders, it will emit a loud cry and run outside.

Once there it will get atop a building and the smaller shadows will start to attack. These foes are attempting to force the characters in small groups and are attacking one at a time.

The small groups shouldn’t be of more than three characters. The objective is the defeat the smaller shadows, doing so will defeat the Hermit.


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