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Who: Allen Ridgeley and Shion Uzuki ([personal profile] uzuki)
What: Shion's first Dark Hour...and some unfortunate mishaps with out of control powers.
When: Starting about fifteen minutes before Dark Hour.
Where: Shion's room, then the area around the hotel.
Warnings: Violence against Shadows, probably some mild swearing and Shion.

No song lyrics can appropriately describe the sheer WTF of this night. )
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The Prospero police station is fairly sparsely populated even during the day, the town being fairly peaceful, or, at least it was until the appearance of the outside forces that have turned every midnight hour into a private war.   Even so, the officers are fairly efficient, taking reports, answering calls, testifying in court as the need arises.

Allen, having presumably called ahead for an appointment, is ushered into the office of the police chief, one Kei Nishimura.   The office is spare to the point of being somewhat spartan, and he is in uniform.  He gives Allen a friendly smile, and says,  "This is somewhat unusual, but I have some time today.  What can I do for you?"
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Who: Allen Ridgeley and Shion
What: A date!
When: 7PM, Christmas Eve
Where: Starting at the hotel lobby, then moving to some restaurant.
Rating: PG-13 max. Allen's too much of a dork for anything higher, especially on a first date.

Definitely a merry Christmas. )


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