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 Who: Everyone~
What: Ringing in the New Year the classy way.
When: Backdated to the night of the 31st of December
Where: Gilgamesh's condo
Rating: PG-13 in case of make outs. 

[Beatrice had to hand it to Saori. The girl was a master planner and the two of them together were a force to be reckoned with. The condo was as warm and inviting as ever, decorated to the hilt. The food was spread out so nicely she felt just a glance would pop a seam on her dress. Yes, this was pleasing. This would gather the others and they would have a night of peace and relaxation. The pompous bastard that used to live here would be proud. She took a deep breath and opened the door to allow the attendees in...]


Nov. 26th, 2012 09:33 pm
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Who: Sheryl Nome, Beatrice and Shizuo Heiwajima
What: Beatrice and Sheryl wanted to play a game. It is called the 'who is the bigger troll' who-can-drive-target-crazy-first game. And the chosen target is Shizuo. Poor Shizuo has no idea what they were up to. He believes they were just going on a normal shopping trip. What is worse, their abilities are back. Sheryl can reach people with her voice again, Beato has her magic and .... Shizuo ... is Shizuo. Expect disaster.
When: November 18, afternoon.
Where: Mall.
Rating: It's Sheryl and Beato.

Sheryl couldn't help but touch her earrings. Since a few days ago, she had noticed that her voice was reaching more people and a lot faster than before. It was a little suspicious, so she began to wonder if her earrings had anything to do with it. It was just like home again. She could be imagining it though, so she wasn't really sure. So, she made up her mind to test it on someone. It couldn't hurt, could it? But then again, she purposely chose Shizuo because he proves to be both an interesting and difficult target.

The first person she needed to see is Beatrice. If abilities have returned and their little game is still on, she wants to know how much of a disadvantage was she in. Sheryl Nome really hated the thought of losing, so she had to know what she was up against. Whatever the circumstances were, she was not backing down though. After all, she was the one who made the challenge. She didn't want to embarrass herself by allowing anyone to believe that she was a coward.

The first time they met, Beatrice told her that she was a witch. The thought was both exciting and intimidating. Beatrice was her friend ... but she wanted to know too. Who indeed was the better tease.

"Let the games begin."

[ ooc: sheryl - beato - shi-chan ]
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Who: Beatrice and David
Where: Beatrice's Room
When: The evening of April 14th
What: Tea and possibly dinner to help with some seriously bruised emotions.
Rating: Mostly fluff?

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Who: Gilgamesh and Beatrice
Where: Prospero PD
When: Between April 4th and April 11th
What: An usual request from the most unlikely person to an equally unlikely person.
Rating: PG-13 because Gil will be Gil?
Warnings: Possibly cursing in an ancient language, possible moemoe tsuntsun deredere. Oh, and plenty of trolling. You know, the usual.
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Who: Garviel Loken, Beatrice
Where: Bay View hotel
What: Dinner and arguments
When: Present, sunday night
Warnings: Possibly some smooching. Eating. Lots of arguments

Garviel scowls at the door to his room. Beatrice is late. Surely she hasn't ignore his invitation to dinner, not after the feast he laid out. An entire roast duck, several kinds of tea and various delicious sweets, as well as ice cream, all on a rather elaborate-looking tray that he'd spent an entire week's wages on requesting from the Bay View's staff.

He looks down at the various dinner forks arrayed before him after failing to melt the door with his scowl, and puzzles over what they are all for.
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Who: David and Beatrice
Where: Starts out on the streets, then moves on..!!
When: After Beatrice goes away from Gilgamesh and right into David's arms.
What: David needs all the women as wives so you can bet he isn't satisfied with just one when he runs into another helpless woman.

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Who: Beatrice and Gilgamesh
Where: Gilgamesh's Condo
When: Around 7:30pm.
What: Valentine's Day shenanigans commence when one slightly love struck witch goes in search of the most ill-tempered king.
Rating: PG-13
Status: Closed

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