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Who: [personal profile] devola and [personal profile] popola
Where: Streets of Prospero.
When: February 4th, early afternoon.
What: The twins are reunited in Prospero. Talking happens. Most likely a lot of talking.
Rating: Just a couple of redheads hugging. Pretty safe.
WARNING: Nier spoilers might appear inside.

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Who: Devola, Gaignun
What: A cuppa and some conversation
When: January 12th, noon-ish.
Where: A coffeehouse. (I'll make up a lame name for it when the Player Locations post returns ~)
Rating: PG, maybe PG-13 if someone feels a bit profane.

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Who: Devola, her Shadow, and whomever.
What: A Shadow stops skulking around and drops in for some fauxlosophical discussion before the inevitable occurs.
Where: Hotel Lobby/Prospero Streets.
When: November 29th, the Dark Hour
Rating: PG-13. I'd be surprised if it went higher.
Warning: Violence, NieR Spoilers -- like, seriously.

"Now let's skip the part where you stand there with your mouths agape, and just get down to business." )
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Who: Adachi and Devola
What: Zombie fighting/investigating! This will end well.
Where: The streets of Prospero
When: The Dark Hour of October 11
Rating: Potentially R for violence

Generic Persona 4 spoilers warning goes here. Watch the anime if you're able! )


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