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WHO: [personal profile] Saber (Arturia) & whatever innocent bystanders get sucked in
WHAT: After clearing a bunch of trash mobs, Saber's stuck fighting a mid-boss. Unexpectedly being bested by a Shadow who uses an ability she knows nothing about.
WHEN: Dark Hour of September 28th
WHERE: Streets

So as I pray!! )
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WHO: [personal profile] Saber (Arturia) & [personal profile] Archer
WHAT: After the Kiritusugu and Archer showoff, he's stuck with nursing someone back to full health
WHEN: Evening of April 24th
WHERE: Archer's hiding spot

then fell a tear of happiness )
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Who: Diarmuid and Saber
Where: Outside Prospero, in nonspecified horse country.
When: March 11th-17th
Summary: Vacation time~
Rating: PG at worst because damn this is some fluff.

and i need everything i see )
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WHO: Saori, Gilgamesh, Arturia and anyone who wants to crash it.
WHAT: Saori finally returns the favor to Gilgamesh for Miki's fine money
WHEN: Thursday, March 8th, 8:00 PM
WHERE: Hotel lounge
WARNINGS: none yet

A Feast for a King )
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WHO: [personal profile] Saber (Arturia) & [personal profile] Lancer (Diarmuid).
WHAT: Lovers Arcana Event shenanigans!
WHEN: February 8th ~ February 22nd.
WHERE: All over Prospero.
RATING: PG~PG13. This is just angst and fluff though.

The skies are all falling, I’m breathing, but why? )
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Who: Gilgamesh & you!
Where: Streets of Prospero
When:  Tonight's dark hour.
What: Gilgamesh decides to extend his search for V/V into the dark hour. The results aren't pretty.
Rating: PG-13, possibly R.
Warnings: Probably lots of violence,  blood,  screaming of the explicative nature, and general drama.
Status: Open to all~

Paid for in their pain. )
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WHO: [ profile] caliburns & [ profile] white_knightin
WHAT: Two part log. The first is a shopping trip promised by Saber here and the second is the extraction of her from [ profile] best_king's presence on Christmas Day
WHEN: December 16(?) & December 24
WHERE: Mall & Gawain's room at the Bay View Hotel
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WHO: [ profile] caliburns, [ profile] white_knightin & [ profile] arondlights
WHAT: They're going to get a professional photograph taken together.
WHEN: December 14th.
WHERE: Bay View Hotel Lobby -> JC Penny's?? I don't know where people get photos taken!
RATING: PG-13 and laced in spoilers for both Fate/Zero and Fate/Extra.

she reigns forever with all her glory )
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Who: [Bad username or site: fatestayhome title= @], [Bad username or site: croibhristeoir title= @], [Bad username or site: caliburns title= @]
What: Shirou and Diarmuid decided to do the right thing!
When: Dinner-time; Around 6 PM
Where: Diarmuid's Hotel Room
Warnings: Bronding, fluff and more fluff
Format: [Action Brackets]

What to cook, I wonder...? )
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Who: [ profile] caliburns and [ profile] croibhristeoir
Where: Bookstore.
When: Morning. November 7.
Summary: Kattu is bored and Nao humors her by doing a Lancer and Saber log. Saber tries to adjust to her new job: aka two knights in a bookstore. Customers and people coming to poke fun are welcomed.
Rating: PG
Warning: Moeshit.

well it's my favorite: far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise! )
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Who: Lancer and Saber.
Where: Roof of the hotel.
When: Sunset on Saturday, 10/21.
Summary: Finishing what was started. Also should I warn for F/Z spoilers?
Rating: T for violence, UST, and...flirting?
Log: how many times do I need to reach out )
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Who: Lancer and Saber
Where: Lancer's hotel room
When: Evening of the 28th
Summary: No one knows how emotions work.
Rating: T for totally dorky.
Log: give all that's within you )
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Who: [ profile] caliburns & [ profile] nrvn_qsr
When: Evening of the 22nd.
Where: Saber's bachelor pad apartment.
Rating: PG-13 and might go up? Who knows.
Warnings: Two girls in a hot tub like thing. No they are not going to do anything funny in there. Or are they?
Summary: Two Kings, one Jacuzzi, and a distinct lack of clothes. They might even talk!
That tonight is gonna be a good night )
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WHO: [ profile] caliburns and [ profile] croibhristeoir
WHEN: September 17th.
WHERE: Lancer's hotel room.
SUMMARY: Five of Cups event and all.
RATING: C for Cavity Inducing.
WARNINGS: Cute shit.

the time has come to make things right )
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WHO: [ profile] caliburns and [ profile] fatestayhome
WHEN: September 17th.
SUMMARY: Due to the effects of this full moon, Saber wants to spend her time around those who make her feel something. So she seeks out the man who discovered her greatest wish.
RATING: C for cavity inducing.
WARNINGS: Cute shit.

My true self is right here, don't close your eyes )


Aug. 16th, 2011 10:09 pm
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WHO: [ profile] caliburns and anyone else who brings her food comes.
WHEN: August 17th.
WHERE: Private dining hall in the Bay View Hotel.
SUMMARY: Saber eats all of the food. Result of this post. Saber invites people for a potluck except she calls it a feast because she is from the twelfth century.
RATING: PG-13. Who knows with the lot of you!
WARNINGS: None yet. Will add if there are any.

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