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Who: Everyone
What: Thanksgiving!
Where: David Xanatos's castle
When: Late afternon to late night
Why: It's Thanksgiving. Need I say more?
Rating: G unless drama happens?
Notes: Don't tag until I have set everything up Okay have fun kids!

Well it's finally here. Thanksgiving. Saori promised to make this quite a feast and she definitely was thankful for all the help. After recent events ranging from loss to regaining powers, this provided an opportune time to bond with fellow captors. Those not helping in setting up, might be getting a text to remind them of the event.
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WHO: Saori Nakagawa & Margulis; any spectators welcome
WHAT: That sparring match they promised
WHEN: Tuesday 11/20, morning
WHERE: Outskirts of town
WHY: Because they wanted to. And people can place their bets
WARNINGS: Violence but not to the point where someone gets murdered. I hope.

On this morning, Saori was up but not at the Elysium tea house. Any employees or early bird customers can find a sign saying "Opening Late Today. Sorry for the Inconvenience." 

Instead she was in the outskirts of town, dressed in her attire she normally reserved for the Dark Hour, waiting for someone.There were several metal flasks attached to her waist since they provided her secret weapon. She had her eyes closed in thought until she heard footsteps.

"Glad you could come, Margulis. Ready when you are."
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WHO: Saori and anyone who wants to join.
WHAT: Caliban crawl 
WHERE: ....Caliban
WHEN:  Oct 29-Nov 2 
WHY: Because some people want to relieve their stress and boredom by killing shadows. Oh and reaching out for the truth or something like that.
Rating: PG-13 for violence against Shadows and other things?

On the 29th, everyone on the network received a brief text from Saori:

"If anyone is interested in doing a dungeon run, I'll sticking around the entrance of Caliban for the next few days."

While she wasn't being affected by whatever was going on and the loss of a co-worker, Saori decided she was slacking the progress in exploring Caliban's depths. Regardless, she decided to camp out in front of Caliban's entrance, fighting the shadows that hung around there as she waited. And yes, her hair color is actually a dusty rose pink because of her costume for Halloween. Plus it would be fun to mix it up.

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WHO: Anyone who wants in
WHAT: Going through Caliban
WHERE: The tea house and then Caliban
WHEN: June 15th Dark Hour
WHY: Saori was a weirdo and wanted to go to Caliban for her birthday.
RATING/WARNING: PG-13 for Violence against Shadows

[A few days ago, Saori sent out a mass text to everyone:

"I'm going to Caliban on the 15th. If anyone wants to come along, please come to the tea house at 11:30. I'll provide a small meal afterwards."]

[Saori was feeling rather restless when dealing with the shadows lately. Not to mention it had been some time since they did a run through that mysterious dungeon. Also, though she wasn't going to admit it, it was her birthday. She wasn't the sort to expect gifts and such. She was much more comfortable giving to others instead.]

[It's already 11:30pm and she just waits for people to arrive in the attic base.]

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Who: Saori, all the people working at the tea house and you (aka everyone get in here!)
What:  Grand opening for the tea house!
When: All day, Friday June 1st
Where: Saori's tea house Elysium
Rating: Safe for work, maybe PG rating

Notes: Let's do this one like the beach party. One character per thread, everyone is free to do their own thing here. Employees can chat it up with guests, hijack a someone's table, ask if they can take a look at the mini-base upstairs, etc. Also retconning the hidden staircase to the base to inside the storeroom so no nosy NPCs can find it. Saori will eventually give everyone on the network a copy of the key to that storeroom.

[Today was the day the tea house finally opened. It took some time, but Saori's dream of owning such a place came true. Since today was an important, a little guest spoiling wouldn't hurt anyone. She had skipped over last night's Dark Hour so she could get up early and get some macarons, biscuits, scones and the ingredients for sandwiches in the afternoon.

It's a small building but it sits a number tables for 2-4 people. There are some booths and some tables available. If a guest wanted to, they could have a seat outside in the mini garden filled with various flower bushes.

The plants were watered, hot water and some coffee ready, and all the treats for the morning were set. Time to open shop!]

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WHO: Gilgamesh, Saori, and you [open]
WHAT: The most epic showdown ever
WHERE: Hotel lobby
WHEN: Friday (April 20 th ) 8:00pm [backdated]
WHY: A certain stupid king won’t admit heart boxers are tacky so this happened.

Next on Prospero's Next Top Model )

[ooc: Feel free to make your own threads besides the reactions to the outfits.]

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WHO: Saori, Gilgamesh, Arturia and anyone who wants to crash it.
WHAT: Saori finally returns the favor to Gilgamesh for Miki's fine money
WHEN: Thursday, March 8th, 8:00 PM
WHERE: Hotel lounge
WARNINGS: none yet

A Feast for a King )
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[ ♪♪♪♪♪ ]

[ As expected, when midnight of the full moon hits, a specific Arcana will make it's presence known. The Lovers Arcana will be resting up too high to actually reach though. Instead, there appears to be two significantly large groups each of various level shadows and do they appear to be protecting something? Further inspection will show that in one group, there's a dark shade that appears to be man-like in appearance and in the opposite group? A shade that appears to be woman-like in appearance. Sound a bit familiar?

It might not take Persona owners long to figure out the goal: defeat both of these shades at the same time. Doing so will force the Lovers to retreat and victory will be achieved. Each shade is protected by a variety of shadows in the second block. ]

♥ Killing one shade (man or woman) without killing the other will result in the other one resurrecting it.
♥ Groups can consist of 3~6 characters.
♥ Characters are still under the effects of the event until the the Dark Hour is over with.
♥ Please tag this entry with your character when you have tagged in please.
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WHO: Saori, Kaiji, and you [open!]
WHAT: Saori and Kaiji have a dinner and everyone's allowed to harass them
WHEN: Nov 7th, late afternoon to night
WHERE: Hotel kitchen and lounge.
NOTES: 2-part plus joint post. Go crazy guys.

A. Saori left work quickly and had already went to the market to purchase the ingredients she needed for her special dinner. After that was done, she went straight to the hotel's kitchen. Some chopping and seasoning later, her beef stew was simmering away in a pot. While that was going she was getting ready with the side dishes.

B. Much later, near their appointed time, Saori messaged Kaiji to come down to the hotel's lounge when he was ready. There would be stew, dinner rolls, salad and of course, the moat important thing of all, a good beer to match with it.
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Who: [ profile] needsteaplz and YOU. (open)
What: The zombie invasion begins
Where: Streets of Prospero
When: October 10th Dark Hour

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Who :[ profile] needsteaplz and you
What: Overtraining finally gets to Saori
Where: The hotel lobby
When: September 30th, 1 am
Rating: PG just to be safe

Saori doesn't do sick days )
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Who: [ profile] needsteaplz and YOU. (open)
What: Someone might've over done it with soba.
Where: Hotel kitchen
When: September 10, late afternoon/after school.

Soba for everyone )
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WHO: Saori Nakagawa and you [OPEN]

WHEN: August 22nd, Dark Hour

WHAT: Training Time

WHERE: City Streets

WHY: Because someone needs to minor in fighting and quickly

WARNINGS: PG-13 to R, due to violence

Insert 'Eye of the Tiger' joke here )


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