Jan. 22nd, 2012

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Who: Ryu and OPEN
What: Ryu, being the natural adventurer than he is, has stayed out too late. This is a problem.
When: Saturday the 21st, Dark Hour
Where: The business district, vaguely near the Dungeon.
Rating: … PG-13 to be safe?

[The night is getting cold, and Ryu shivers as he walks along the streets. He should be getting back… but he can't figure out which way the hotel is. He doesn't like this - he can't tell where he is, this whole place is full of strange things, and he can't even transform or use his skills.]

This could be trouble. )
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Who: Phoenix and Edgeworth
What: Proving the existence of the Dark Hour/catch up stuff
When: 11:50 PM On the 20th.
Where: Starting in the hotel lobby.
Rating: Around PG-13. I think.
Status: Closed.

[Well, now, hasn't this been an interesting day? One minute he's in LA, taking a break from one of the more emotionally trying cases in his career, and the next... well. He's in a strange place with a bunch of strange, equally foreign people. The receptionist hadn't known anything about the person paying for all this hotel stuff, nor could he find any information on the mysterious phones. Then again, he isn't really surprised by that; he's not the only one who's been investigating, after all. More interesting at the moment, though, is this so-called "Dark Hour"... which he's guessing is what Edgeworth wants to discuss. That, and something around it...]

[Phoenix glances up at his clock before turning off the alarm and heading down to the hotel's lobby. He's early, but there's nothing to do here anyway.]

(Who knew life would change so fast? What kind of place is this, anyway? I've never even heard of a city with a name like this... and it isn't exactly a small town, either.)

[Regardless, all he has left to do now is wait. Not a big deal... the lobby has plenty of comfortable seats.]
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WHO: John Egbert, Sakurako Shiina, King Arthur, Madoka Kugimiya, and Miki Onimaru
WHERE: Out and about in the dark hour.
WHEN: The dark hour tonight.
WHAT: John and Sakurako get in over their heads while trying to level grind. They are bailed out by his new not!dad and Sakurako's new not!mom. And also Sakurako's new not!sister will be jumping in after the excitement is over.
RATING: PG {Likely to be an action spam log 'cause I'm lazy...}
STATUS:  Closed

At least they're confident.... )
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Who: Ledah and Ingrid
Where: The high school
When: Backdated to last Thursday
What: Ledah gets taught to dance
Rating: PG?
Status: Closed


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