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Nothing like tea on a summer's day

Who: Saori, all the people working at the tea house and you (aka everyone get in here!)
What:  Grand opening for the tea house!
When: All day, Friday June 1st
Where: Saori's tea house Elysium
Rating: Safe for work, maybe PG rating

Notes: Let's do this one like the beach party. One character per thread, everyone is free to do their own thing here. Employees can chat it up with guests, hijack a someone's table, ask if they can take a look at the mini-base upstairs, etc. Also retconning the hidden staircase to the base to inside the storeroom so no nosy NPCs can find it. Saori will eventually give everyone on the network a copy of the key to that storeroom.

[Today was the day the tea house finally opened. It took some time, but Saori's dream of owning such a place came true. Since today was an important, a little guest spoiling wouldn't hurt anyone. She had skipped over last night's Dark Hour so she could get up early and get some macarons, biscuits, scones and the ingredients for sandwiches in the afternoon.

It's a small building but it sits a number tables for 2-4 people. There are some booths and some tables available. If a guest wanted to, they could have a seat outside in the mini garden filled with various flower bushes.

The plants were watered, hot water and some coffee ready, and all the treats for the morning were set. Time to open shop!]