Nov. 28th, 2012

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[Tonight, when midnight of the full moon hits, a certain large Arcana will make it's presence known; the Magician Arcana will be appearing outside the police station, a small group of Shadows appearing around it. The small number of helper Shadows might seem to be a relief, except this is a new Shadow that nobody has ever seen before. Characters with Analysis will be able to discover that the Shadows in this group are a lot stronger than they appear:
Sleeping Table (Magician): It has no weaknesses, blocks light/darkness spells and strike, and resists slash, pierce and fire. It attacks by using fire and almighty spells, and inflicts fear.
Persona users will have to fight in groups and work together in order to take down these new Shadows and the Magician Arcana, as this fight can only be won once all the Shadows plus the Magician Arcana have been defeated. Luckily, Persona users will find they are no longer suffering from haywire powers but they have also lost the abilities.]

» Groups can consist of three to six people.
» The group of Shadows consists of five Sleeping Tables. These must all be defeated along with the Magician Arcana, as defeating the Magician Arcana first will not cause them to vanish or retreat. Though with the Magician Arcana also attacking Persona users, this will be a challenging fight. Luckily, it doesn't have the same resists and blocks as the Sleeping Tables, but it also has no weaknesses.


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