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Who: These guys.
What: A visit to Caliban to see if there's anything out of the ordinary. You know, for a monster filled dungeon that only exists during an hour that doesn't exist.
When: Dark Hour of the 24th.
Where: Elysium and then Caliban.
Rating: PG-13 for Shadow smashing.

The night of the 24th. Margulis had sent out messages several days prior to everyone who had volunteered to come telling them when and where to meet, although it probably wouldn't be too difficult for other people to figure it out if they saw a bunch of people showing up at the tea house just before Dark Hour. To Saori and Gaignun he had sent additional messages informing them that they would each be in charge of a group of four other people, markedly more polite to the former than the latter.

(Don't post right away, guys. I'll be setting up separate threads for different scenes. Have at, guys. And remember to tag yourselves in, please.)

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