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Ryudo Issei ([personal profile] unknownrival) wrote in [community profile] tvklogs2012-10-03 06:05 pm
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[Open] Screw that event party.

Who: Everybody!
What: A party to lift everyone's spirits.
When: Afternoon of the 3rd.
Where: Gilgamesh's swank pad isn't being used anymore, right? Okay. There.
Rating: PG-13 max. That means you Ryuunosuke :|

[Issei wasn't one for parties, normally, but he knew that he and everyone else needed a pick-me-up. Therefore, he'd picked up some food, thrown together a bit of decorations, turned on some light music, and declared it a party.

Parties were about the people anyway, right? And one thing he found little fault in in Prospero was the people.]

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