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April Sinclair ([personal profile] technologic) wrote in [community profile] tvklogs2012-10-19 11:53 pm

Horror Movie Marathon~!

Who: Everybody!
What: Horror movie marathon!
When: October 19th, Night.
Where: Castle Wyvern, since David kindly offered his place for this.
Rating: PG to PG 13-ish?

[At around midday, a mass text will be sent out to everyone:

There's a horror movie marathon tonight at Castle Wyvern, at around 8pm! Everyone is free to come along!

[And at the specified time, anyone who comes to the castle will be lead to a room which is set up for horror movie marathon-ing, complete with lots of snacks (provided by Gaignun and Saori) and pillows to hide behind if need be. That was probably April's idea.]

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