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The Velvet Key Mod Team ([personal profile] velvetyhelpers) wrote in [community profile] tvklogs2012-10-31 04:29 pm

//take a chance and roll the dice

Who: The various NPCs of Prospero and you!
When Evening of the 31st--6PM to 11PM
Where: The function hall, City Hall's third floor.

[The function hall was no spectacularly grand thing, but it was passable--all in all it was what one might expect from a party held by city officials. Decorations, food, drinks, dancing, the whole nine yards. A few individuals were there early--the Katsaros sisters having assisted in setting up, Detective Gabriel and Officer Harrison slacking off and working security respectively.]

[It was a lighthearted and pleasant atmosphere in general, the only truly unusual thing being the appearance of Prospero's until-then mostly faceless mayor, who one might have been forgiven for doubting even existed until then.]

[ooc: Please wait until all the subthreads have been set up; when this is crossed out have at it. GO FORTH.]

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