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April Sinclair ([personal profile] technologic) wrote in [community profile] tvklogs2012-11-19 11:55 pm

These little wonders, these twists & turns of fate

Who: April Sinclair and Ledah Rozwelli
What: Even an event doesn't stop these two from going out on a date.
When: November 19th, afternoon.
Where: Starting at their room, and then going around the city.
Rating: PG/ Maybe PG-13-ish

[Well, suddenly getting her powers back was a pleasant surprise, although it was also a bit worrying cause stuff like this doesn't happen without a consequence of some sort. But she wasn't going to let this ruin their date; she didn't have a planned idea in mind, besides going to the beach at the end, but she was sure they could find something fun to do together.

So, after having bundled herself up and adjusted her scarf around her neck, along with making sure the dog would be fine on his own, she'll glance over at Ledah as she pulls her boots on.]

You nearly ready to go, Ledah?

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