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Saori Nakagawa ([personal profile] needsteaplz) wrote in [community profile] tvklogs2012-11-20 05:43 am
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Place Your Bets

WHO: Saori Nakagawa & Margulis; any spectators welcome
WHAT: That sparring match they promised
WHEN: Tuesday 11/20, morning
WHERE: Outskirts of town
WHY: Because they wanted to. And people can place their bets
WARNINGS: Violence but not to the point where someone gets murdered. I hope.

On this morning, Saori was up but not at the Elysium tea house. Any employees or early bird customers can find a sign saying "Opening Late Today. Sorry for the Inconvenience." 

Instead she was in the outskirts of town, dressed in her attire she normally reserved for the Dark Hour, waiting for someone.There were several metal flasks attached to her waist since they provided her secret weapon. She had her eyes closed in thought until she heard footsteps.

"Glad you could come, Margulis. Ready when you are."

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