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WHO: Anyone who wants in
WHAT: Going through Caliban
WHERE: The tea house and then Caliban
WHEN: June 15th Dark Hour
WHY: Saori was a weirdo and wanted to go to Caliban for her birthday.
RATING/WARNING: PG-13 for Violence against Shadows

[A few days ago, Saori sent out a mass text to everyone:

"I'm going to Caliban on the 15th. If anyone wants to come along, please come to the tea house at 11:30. I'll provide a small meal afterwards."]

[Saori was feeling rather restless when dealing with the shadows lately. Not to mention it had been some time since they did a run through that mysterious dungeon. Also, though she wasn't going to admit it, it was her birthday. She wasn't the sort to expect gifts and such. She was much more comfortable giving to others instead.]

[It's already 11:30pm and she just waits for people to arrive in the attic base.]

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Who: Rider and anyone who wants a party.
What: ...A party. :|
Where: Shakespeare's fine mansion of swag.
When: Evening of 6/2
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Who: Saori, all the people working at the tea house and you (aka everyone get in here!)
What:  Grand opening for the tea house!
When: All day, Friday June 1st
Where: Saori's tea house Elysium
Rating: Safe for work, maybe PG rating

Notes: Let's do this one like the beach party. One character per thread, everyone is free to do their own thing here. Employees can chat it up with guests, hijack a someone's table, ask if they can take a look at the mini-base upstairs, etc. Also retconning the hidden staircase to the base to inside the storeroom so no nosy NPCs can find it. Saori will eventually give everyone on the network a copy of the key to that storeroom.

[Today was the day the tea house finally opened. It took some time, but Saori's dream of owning such a place came true. Since today was an important, a little guest spoiling wouldn't hurt anyone. She had skipped over last night's Dark Hour so she could get up early and get some macarons, biscuits, scones and the ingredients for sandwiches in the afternoon.

It's a small building but it sits a number tables for 2-4 people. There are some booths and some tables available. If a guest wanted to, they could have a seat outside in the mini garden filled with various flower bushes.

The plants were watered, hot water and some coffee ready, and all the treats for the morning were set. Time to open shop!]

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Who: Diarmuid, his sparkly butterfly-attracting father, and anyone who wanders by.
Where: Somewhere along the beach
When: Evening of 5/30
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WHO: Everyone!
WHAT: Beach Party
WHERE: Prospero Beach
WHEN: Saturday, May 19th all day
RATING: Swimsuits, water fights, sun burns, alcohol--oh my! Will... lock if things get out of hand.

ALSO: We're going to try something a little bit different from normal big event logs as far as organization of threads. I've seen this done with success so we'll try it here! This will be an experiment of sorts. Please comment with ONE THREAD (and only one!) per character to be tagged by others. For your header please write your character's name so people will be able to find and tag you with ease! For example, "Yukiho Hagiwara | Open"; you can check out my posts below as an example! There are three listed areas and please try to contain your characters in these three listed areas in this log. The areas include Prospero Beach's swimmable ocean, Prospero Beach's shore, and the boardwalk. Feel free to let creativity roam free! There are lots to do in any of these locations!

Action or Prose style threading is fine here; no pressure! And don't forget to tag yourself in!

[ Wow.

Enjoying that sizzling heat? The dry, slow-rolling heat that just bakes everything? You thought sitting in a desert was hot. No, this seems hotter. The sun was an oppressive slave driver beating down hot UV lashings onto your poor unprotected backs, the air just sucking the moisture out of everything. So then, is it a relief when suddenly the weather turns for the muggiest? The heat still remains, but it's a gross, damp, icky heat you feel to the bone. The air is so humid and hot you could poke a leak into it with a knife. This disgusting weather goes on for days--until finally on Saturday, there's relief! It's still hot, but the humidity and temperature both drop to at least comfortable hot levels. Not to mention it's sunny, pleasantly breezy and not a cloud in the sky.

Time to hit the beach Prospero! ]

Along this quaint boardwalk are a number of food vendors. Come beat the heat with a Popscicle! Grab some funnel cake! Are those hot dogs being grilled over there? Maybe you'd like some fish and chips! Of course food isn't the only thing that's making its way around the boardwalk; there are performers and peddlers out there to earn a buck as well! Watch out--did someone just ride on by on a bike?

It's clean, pristine sand as far as the eye can see! Thanks to the efforts of the sun and the city it's warm and for the most part litter free! Come for a game of beach volleyball! Build some sand castles! Go for a beach jog! Maybe you're turned off from Boardwalk food so you brought your own grill for a picnic! Or lay down, soak up the sun and take a nap!

The ocean is refreshingly cold but all the inviting, considering how yucky-hot it's been! The swimmable area on the beach is noted by marked buoys to keep aquatic vehicles out and swimmers in. But outside? Anything goes! There's a dude up the beach renting out innertubes, floatation devices, boogie boards--even row boats, canoes, paddle boats! If you have the money you can spring for such frivolous expenses like a jet ski! Or maybe you have a bud who owns a yacht?
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WHO: The Kid, Kaoru, and Zia.
WHAT: Kid promised to share a meal with Kaoru. Zia wants to give the Kid a meal. These both happen on the some day.
WHEN: Saturday evening
WHERE: Room 311

So Kid's mostly been keeping to himself since things have calmed down. Nothin' besides huntin' Shadows like it was a sport, doin' odds and ends or talkin' to some folks he not much different than the usual, really. But one day he actually finishes cookin' a decent enough meal. It's a pretty basic meal, some steamed vegetables and meat, but the fact he pulled it off without having to call on some fellow from the hotel to give him a replacement for burnt concoctions was a godsend.

Remembering a promise he made to a newfound friend, Kid lays out a pair of plates with the hot meal, leaving some on the stove to put away a bit later. He'd send a text message to Kaoru, being brief and to the point as always.

'Made some food. You're welcome to it. Just knock on the door.'

'Course...Kid always did have a weird sense of timing, because a surprise was on its way to his door around the same moment.
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Who: Edel ([personal profile] lostherstrings) and Tamamo-no-mae ([personal profile] kitsunemimi)
What: Edel's Persona is feeling the effects of the full moon and she needs help in dealing with it
Where: A park not that far from the Hotel
When: Night of May 4th
Rating: PG-13 for mild violence

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WHO: Kayneth ([personal profile] enjoymyatelier) and Diarmuid ([personal profile] croibhristeoir)
WHAT: Given that emotions and tensions are running high, it's time to have a showdown!
WHEN: Sunday evening
WHERE: Somewhere reasonably deserted
RATING:, I don't know, there will be a serious beatdown I guess

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Who: Souji Seta ([personal profile] socializing) & Eater ([personal profile] harpbeat)
What: A daaaaaaaaaate a daaaaaaaaate! Maybe! Sorta! Kinda!
When: Backdated to an available free afternoon and evening!
Where: A high end clothing retailer, possibly more!
Rating: PG; will adjust if necessary!

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Who: Taro Watanabe and Albedo
What: Taro's feeling more impulsive, so he decides to try to steal something rare. Those rare books he saw through a window will do!
When: Forward-dated to Friday the 27th, night
Where: Albedo's room and then wherever Taro runs like hell to.
Rating: R for potential blood and violence. Because Albedo.

[It's dark, and Taro's been itching for something to steal. He needs some extra money, anyway. People in the hotel are more likely to have rare stuff than people in the dorms, so he heads to the roof to start climbing down and peeking through windows.]

[He spots a bookcase full of rare books, and no one inside, so he heads back to the interior of the building and pulls out some safety pins and gets to work on the lock. After a few minutes of work, he slips inside, looking around to see what's the oldest or the rarest.]
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Who: Kiritsugu Emiya, Maiya Hisau, Archer (Emiya)
What: Things don't go according to plan in Kiritsugu and Maiya's attempt to maintain Saber dead.
When: Backdated to April 24, before Lancer's log
Where: Location of Saber's murder
Rating: R for potential blood, violence

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WHO: [personal profile] Saber (Arturia) & [personal profile] Archer
WHAT: After the Kiritusugu and Archer showoff, he's stuck with nursing someone back to full health
WHEN: Evening of April 24th
WHERE: Archer's hiding spot

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Who: Diarmuid, Shirou, Kiritsugu, and Maiya
Where: The rooftops of your average skyscrapers.
When: Night of 4/26, before the Dark Hour
Summary: => Attempt epic 4x SHOWDOWN.
Rating: call it an R, who knows
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WHO: Gilgamesh, Saori, and you [open]
WHAT: The most epic showdown ever
WHERE: Hotel lobby
WHEN: Friday (April 20 th ) 8:00pm [backdated]
WHY: A certain stupid king won’t admit heart boxers are tacky so this happened.

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[ooc: Feel free to make your own threads besides the reactions to the outfits.]

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Who: Beatrice and David
Where: Beatrice's Room
When: The evening of April 14th
What: Tea and possibly dinner to help with some seriously bruised emotions.
Rating: Mostly fluff?

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Who: Gilgamesh and Beatrice
Where: Prospero PD
When: Between April 4th and April 11th
What: An usual request from the most unlikely person to an equally unlikely person.
Rating: PG-13 because Gil will be Gil?
Warnings: Possibly cursing in an ancient language, possible moemoe tsuntsun deredere. Oh, and plenty of trolling. You know, the usual.
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WHO: Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi and Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri
WHEN: 26th of March
WHERE: ...somewhere, IDK.

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[Text; Response from Sakurako]

[Early in the Morning, everyone who was reported as murdered will get the following text:]

Hey! ! know you all have been through a lot and probably feel k!inda down so come to the bookstore ton!ght at 7 and well cheer you up!!

Action: Gil's bookstore

[Anyone who comes into Gil's bookstore around 7 am will find it decked out with a banner saying "Welcome Back!" On a table stands a sheet cake frosted with the letters "You're Alive again!" and a post of soup simmering away on a hot plate. Around both of these are a number of smaller plates holding a much fancier cake, strawberry and all, each with the name of one of the victims written on it. The cafe cats are decorated with a ribbon of their own, to varying degrees of annoyance to each of them. They have been joined by Sakurako's cats Cookie and Biscuit, who seem to be enjoying their stint as the center of interest to a number of their fellow felines.

In the back stands a small Karaoke machine, beeping away in an attempt to generate interest. The couches and chairs have been pushed flush with the outer bookshelves to create a bit more space for people to mingle.

Miki is sitting at the counter, waiting to get coffee (or I guess, sell books) to anyone who is interested in buying some extra stuff.]


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