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Who: Onimaru Miki, Kaiji Ito
Where: The third floor of the hotel
When: Late afternoon, January 29th
What: Miki has something to say to Kaiji
Rating: Possible language, violence.
Status: Closed

Miki is standing in the hallway of the third floor of the Bay View hotel, in front of Kaiji's door. She knocks, looking a little bit nervous over what she's about to do.
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WHO: Saori, Kaiji, and you [open!]
WHAT: Saori and Kaiji have a dinner and everyone's allowed to harass them
WHEN: Nov 7th, late afternoon to night
WHERE: Hotel kitchen and lounge.
NOTES: 2-part plus joint post. Go crazy guys.

A. Saori left work quickly and had already went to the market to purchase the ingredients she needed for her special dinner. After that was done, she went straight to the hotel's kitchen. Some chopping and seasoning later, her beef stew was simmering away in a pot. While that was going she was getting ready with the side dishes.

B. Much later, near their appointed time, Saori messaged Kaiji to come down to the hotel's lounge when he was ready. There would be stew, dinner rolls, salad and of course, the moat important thing of all, a good beer to match with it.
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Who: [ profile] genius_idiot, and whoever decides to show up!
When: 1:00AM, Sept. 28
Where: a spare room in the basement of the Back-End Bar.
Rating: PG-13?
Warnings: Gambling, booze, man tears, whatever.

On September 27, everyone will receive a text from Kaiji with the following information:
Poker tonight (game & buy-in tbd), basement of bar, 1:00AM. Anyone welcome.

Of course, he's not taking into account minors, but that doesn't mean they can't sneak in, right?

To anyone who comes, Kaiji will be sitting at a table, shuffling some cards, a case of cheap beer sitting next to him to share with everyone. Several chairs surround the table, and a case of poker chips sits open, waiting to be sorted. Fifty dollars sits on the table in front of Kaiji - that's what he plans for a buy-in for now, but is willing to adjust if need be.

Kaiji will give a nod to anyone who walks in. "Have a seat, grab a drink. Do you know how to play?"

[[OOC - no need to thread out games in their entirety, that gets a bit monotonous imho! This is an open log, so feel free to mill around, win or lose some cash, sneak in, have some drinks, whatever you want! The game is 5-card stud. Enjoy!]]


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