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WHO: Kayneth ([personal profile] enjoymyatelier) and Diarmuid ([personal profile] croibhristeoir)
WHAT: Given that emotions and tensions are running high, it's time to have a showdown!
WHEN: Sunday evening
WHERE: Somewhere reasonably deserted
RATING: ...man, I don't know, there will be a serious beatdown I guess

who needs honor or humanity when you're a purse owner )
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Who: Diarmuid, Shirou, Kiritsugu, and Maiya
Where: The rooftops of your average skyscrapers.
When: Night of 4/26, before the Dark Hour
Summary: => Attempt epic 4x SHOWDOWN.
Rating: call it an R, who knows
there was never meant to be only one )
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Who: Neah & Diarmuid
When: Around 10pm.
Where: Diarmuid's loveshack hotel room
Rating: PG-13. Might go higher.
Warnings: Cavities from ponies, might not be able to breathe from laughter, etc etc.

You know, he really wasn't kidding when he said he was going to come over to make Diarmuid feel better. He didn't come empty handed either. No. Not at all. He brought a few things from his room that would hopefully have the same effect on Diarmuid as it did to himself.

That's right.

He brought a Wii + a game he somehow stumbled upon. A little girl sitting on a swing? Wasn't all that ominous. Besides, if it was scary, they were probably going to be kind of drunk anyway. Cause he brought some alcohol for the first time in ages.

Knock knock, Diarmuid~ ♥
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Who: Diarmuid and Saber
Where: Outside Prospero, in nonspecified horse country.
When: March 11th-17th
Summary: Vacation time~
Rating: PG at worst because damn this is some fluff.

and i need everything i see )
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WHO: [personal profile] Saber (Arturia) & [personal profile] Lancer (Diarmuid).
WHAT: Lovers Arcana Event shenanigans!
WHEN: February 8th ~ February 22nd.
WHERE: All over Prospero.
RATING: PG~PG13. This is just angst and fluff though.

The skies are all falling, I’m breathing, but why? )
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Who: Edgeworth and Diarmuid
Where: Diarmuid's hotel room (607), at least at first
When: January 23rd, afternoon
What: Edgeworth requests a few things of his new "father".
Rating: PG for possible weapons training.
Status: Closed

To be fair, Edgeworth had a practical reason to come see Diarmuid anyway. )
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WHO: [livejournal.com profile] croibhristeoir and [livejournal.com profile] truthsnomiracle
WHAT: Discussing combat training. Also probably angst.
WHEN: December 28th, midday
WHERE: Diarmuid's hotel room, possibly elsewhere.

but your secret's safe with me )
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Who: [Bad username or site: fatestayhome title= @ livejournal.com], [Bad username or site: croibhristeoir title= @ livejournal.com], [Bad username or site: caliburns title= @ livejournal.com]
What: Shirou and Diarmuid decided to do the right thing!
When: Dinner-time; Around 6 PM
Where: Diarmuid's Hotel Room
Warnings: Bronding, fluff and more fluff
Format: [Action Brackets]

What to cook, I wonder...? )
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Who: Lancer, Shadow Lancer [open]
Where: The streets of Prospero.
When: The Dark Hour, November 25
Summary: Know how to get rid of Shadows. Fight it anyway.
Rating: PG-13, idk.
Log: they hear you no more )
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Who: [livejournal.com profile] caliburns and [livejournal.com profile] croibhristeoir
Where: Bookstore.
When: Morning. November 7.
Summary: Kattu is bored and Nao humors her by doing a Lancer and Saber log. Saber tries to adjust to her new job: aka two knights in a bookstore. Customers and people coming to poke fun are welcomed.
Rating: PG
Warning: Moeshit.

well it's my favorite: far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise! )
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WHO: Issei and Lancer (Diarmuid Ua Duibhne.)
WHEN: Afternoon, October 24th.
WHERE: The park
SUMMARY: Issei would like to not die so easy, so he's going to pick up the sword apparently.
RATING: PG for training!
WARNINGS: They'll be swinging swords around.

You must be swift as the coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon. )
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Who: Lancer and Saber.
Where: Roof of the hotel.
When: Sunset on Saturday, 10/21.
Summary: Finishing what was started. Also should I warn for F/Z spoilers?
Rating: T for violence, UST, and...flirting?
Log: how many times do I need to reach out )
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Who: Lancer and Saber
Where: Lancer's hotel room
When: Evening of the 28th
Summary: No one knows how emotions work.
Rating: T for totally dorky.
Log: give all that's within you )
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WHO: [livejournal.com profile] caliburns and [livejournal.com profile] croibhristeoir
WHEN: September 17th.
WHERE: Lancer's hotel room.
SUMMARY: Five of Cups event and all.
RATING: C for Cavity Inducing.
WARNINGS: Cute shit.

the time has come to make things right )
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Who: Endou, Kazemaru, Lancer and you!
What: Teaching Lancer (and anybody else who appears) how to play soccer!! And also Endou learning he can't use his magical soccer moves anymore.
Where: At the soccer field nearby the school.
When: Sunday, September 18, sometime in the afternoon

It was inevitable that something like this would happen. )
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Who: Lancer [livejournal.com profile] croibhristeoir and Issei [livejournal.com profile] unknownrival
Where: Some cafe full of hipsters
When: Afternoon of September 12th.
Summary: Issei asked, and Lancer can't in all good conscience keep lying.
Log: wish the real world would just stop hassling me  )
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Who: [Bad username or site: lol_waver title=Rider @ livejournal.com] and anyone else!
What: The best night of drinking you have ever had
When: 9/10, Night. Before the Dark Hour
Where: THE BAR
Warning: Drunkards and possible challenging to combat...

Party like it's Ancient Macedon )
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WHO: April and you!
WHEN: August 9th, Dark Hour
WHERE: Streets of Prospero.
SUMMARY: In which April awakens her Persona.
WARNINGS: Possible derpness/ squee-ing over Personas.

I'll stand my ground and never back down )


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