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Who: Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth
What: Trying to dig up info on Tres Matres in an ancient, sprawling library, with a side-order of law research and shenanigans.
When: The full visit is March 7th through March 21st; the plot-relevant investigation starts on the 9th.
Where: The Bodleian Libraries in Oxford, England
Rating: PG-13 at the worst.
Status: Closed

[Present] -> [TL;DR] )
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[ ♪♪♪♪♪ ]

[ As expected, when midnight of the full moon hits, a specific Arcana will make it's presence known. The Lovers Arcana will be resting up too high to actually reach though. Instead, there appears to be two significantly large groups each of various level shadows and do they appear to be protecting something? Further inspection will show that in one group, there's a dark shade that appears to be man-like in appearance and in the opposite group? A shade that appears to be woman-like in appearance. Sound a bit familiar?

It might not take Persona owners long to figure out the goal: defeat both of these shades at the same time. Doing so will force the Lovers to retreat and victory will be achieved. Each shade is protected by a variety of shadows in the second block. ]

♥ Killing one shade (man or woman) without killing the other will result in the other one resurrecting it.
♥ Groups can consist of 3~6 characters.
♥ Characters are still under the effects of the event until the the Dark Hour is over with.
♥ Please tag this entry with your character when you have tagged in please.
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Who: Edgeworth and Diarmuid
Where: Diarmuid's hotel room (607), at least at first
When: January 23rd, afternoon
What: Edgeworth requests a few things of his new "father".
Rating: PG for possible weapons training.
Status: Closed

To be fair, Edgeworth had a practical reason to come see Diarmuid anyway. )
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Who: Ledah Rozwelli and Miles Edgeworth
What: Polearms training
When: 7 PM, January 8th
Where: The park
Rating: PG-13 for training with weapons.

Ledah arrived at the arranged spot a few minutes ahead of schedule, bringing with him not only his customary lance but a halberd as well - Edgeworth had wanted something more dangerous than a lance to try, and a halberd was available at the weapons shop. He waited quietly for Edgeworth to arrive, keeping a watchful eye out for his approach.
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WHO: [ profile] croibhristeoir and [ profile] truthsnomiracle
WHAT: Discussing combat training. Also probably angst.
WHEN: December 28th, midday
WHERE: Diarmuid's hotel room, possibly elsewhere.

but your secret's safe with me )
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Who: [ profile] truthsnomiracle and YOU!
What: Edgeworth's first DL-6 day since being made to realize that dear old Dad lied.
When: December 28th, daylight hours
Where: A teahouse
Warnings: Discussion of a murder, betrayal, and major Ace Attorney spoilers.
Format: Your choice of prose or action.

Miles Edgeworth knew better than most that the truth could be an ugly, painful thing... )
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Who: [ profile] truthsnomiracle and YOU!
What: Edgeworth being irritated by December and all that comes with it
When: Daytime, early December
Where: Prospero generally
Warnings: Angst, grouchiness, generally bad mood.
Format: Your choice of prose, action, or... well, read for yourself.

All the Prospero natives like Christmas a lot... )


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