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Every memory you hold dear

Who: Vriska and anyone who's gotten on her good side (small list: Feferi, Kaoru, Extra!Rider, Issei)
Where: The doorways out of everyone's rooms
When: Sometime during the day
What: Someone decides to get everyone she knows together. With traps.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Kidnapping and language. So basically, Vriska.
Status: Closed

As the world woke up, a few individuals might notice a few things. First would be that the exit to their room is trapped.

The second would be a humanized troll cackling as these individuals were caught in her net.

The third, for one particular seadwelling troll, would be a bucket.
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Well, why would you want to declare me your property and kidnap me?
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That doesn't make sense.

Do you like this world?
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Do you really want to know?
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...It's what I exist for. *looks suspiciously at her like she's going to snap any second*
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The Fountain of the Sun. It's the only thing keeping the Land of Greenery alive. We were sent to find it.
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Your world's been destroyed, then.
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What would you have done?
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I don't know. I didn't think there was any difference.

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