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[All exploring of the tower that springs from City Hall during the Dark Hour can be done here for the sake of convenience. All information can be found here; items found during treasure hunting will be left to player discretion.]
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Who: Pellegri and Margulis
When: The evening of whenever regains happen.
Where: Margulis's
Rating: G, but maybe adult language?

It might have been a strange sight, a woman walking through the hotel with a shopping bag, and two dangerous weapons, but Pellegri really didn't care. And really would anyone try to stop her? Probably not. Aside from that, it wasn't a terribly long trek from her own room to Margulis's, and when she arrived, she shifted the items she carried so she could knock on his door.
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 Who: Everyone~
What: Ringing in the New Year the classy way.
When: Backdated to the night of the 31st of December
Where: Gilgamesh's condo
Rating: PG-13 in case of make outs. 

[Beatrice had to hand it to Saori. The girl was a master planner and the two of them together were a force to be reckoned with. The condo was as warm and inviting as ever, decorated to the hilt. The food was spread out so nicely she felt just a glance would pop a seam on her dress. Yes, this was pleasing. This would gather the others and they would have a night of peace and relaxation. The pompous bastard that used to live here would be proud. She took a deep breath and opened the door to allow the attendees in...]
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Who: Zelgius and YOU!
What: Zelgius arrives in Prospero and needs a little help learning about the place.
When: December 6th, in the afternoon
Where: The hotel
Rating: PG, most likely.

Zelgius awoke with a start. He had just fought Ike, lost, and been left to die... but suddenly, he was awake, and in an unfamiliar room. Had he been rescued? Slowly, he got up and saw the cell phone by his bedside. He gazed at it for a moment, touched it, and accidentally turned it on. He was more than a little surprised when it lit up and showed the display, then turned back off after he just stared at it. Figuring that the device might be useful despite having no idea what it was, he took it with him as he went downstairs to the lobby. There, he watched for people who might be able to help him. People going through the lobby might be greeted as follows:

"Excuse me... This may seem like a strange question, but what is this place?"
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[ ♪♪♪♪♪ ]

[Tonight, when midnight of the full moon hits, a certain large Arcana will make it's presence known; the Magician Arcana will be appearing outside the police station, a small group of Shadows appearing around it. The small number of helper Shadows might seem to be a relief, except this is a new Shadow that nobody has ever seen before. Characters with Analysis will be able to discover that the Shadows in this group are a lot stronger than they appear:
Sleeping Table (Magician): It has no weaknesses, blocks light/darkness spells and strike, and resists slash, pierce and fire. It attacks by using fire and almighty spells, and inflicts fear.
Persona users will have to fight in groups and work together in order to take down these new Shadows and the Magician Arcana, as this fight can only be won once all the Shadows plus the Magician Arcana have been defeated. Luckily, Persona users will find they are no longer suffering from haywire powers but they have also lost the abilities.]

» Groups can consist of three to six people.
» The group of Shadows consists of five Sleeping Tables. These must all be defeated along with the Magician Arcana, as defeating the Magician Arcana first will not cause them to vanish or retreat. Though with the Magician Arcana also attacking Persona users, this will be a challenging fight. Luckily, it doesn't have the same resists and blocks as the Sleeping Tables, but it also has no weaknesses.


Nov. 26th, 2012 09:33 pm
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Who: Sheryl Nome, Beatrice and Shizuo Heiwajima
What: Beatrice and Sheryl wanted to play a game. It is called the 'who is the bigger troll' who-can-drive-target-crazy-first game. And the chosen target is Shizuo. Poor Shizuo has no idea what they were up to. He believes they were just going on a normal shopping trip. What is worse, their abilities are back. Sheryl can reach people with her voice again, Beato has her magic and .... Shizuo ... is Shizuo. Expect disaster.
When: November 18, afternoon.
Where: Mall.
Rating: It's Sheryl and Beato.

Sheryl couldn't help but touch her earrings. Since a few days ago, she had noticed that her voice was reaching more people and a lot faster than before. It was a little suspicious, so she began to wonder if her earrings had anything to do with it. It was just like home again. She could be imagining it though, so she wasn't really sure. So, she made up her mind to test it on someone. It couldn't hurt, could it? But then again, she purposely chose Shizuo because he proves to be both an interesting and difficult target.

The first person she needed to see is Beatrice. If abilities have returned and their little game is still on, she wants to know how much of a disadvantage was she in. Sheryl Nome really hated the thought of losing, so she had to know what she was up against. Whatever the circumstances were, she was not backing down though. After all, she was the one who made the challenge. She didn't want to embarrass herself by allowing anyone to believe that she was a coward.

The first time they met, Beatrice told her that she was a witch. The thought was both exciting and intimidating. Beatrice was her friend ... but she wanted to know too. Who indeed was the better tease.

"Let the games begin."

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Who: Everyone
What: Thanksgiving!
Where: David Xanatos's castle
When: Late afternon to late night
Why: It's Thanksgiving. Need I say more?
Rating: G unless drama happens?
Notes: Don't tag until I have set everything up Okay have fun kids!

Well it's finally here. Thanksgiving. Saori promised to make this quite a feast and she definitely was thankful for all the help. After recent events ranging from loss to regaining powers, this provided an opportune time to bond with fellow captors. Those not helping in setting up, might be getting a text to remind them of the event.
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Who: Allen Ridgeley and Shion Uzuki ([personal profile] uzuki)
What: Shion's first Dark Hour...and some unfortunate mishaps with out of control powers.
When: Starting about fifteen minutes before Dark Hour.
Where: Shion's room, then the area around the hotel.
Warnings: Violence against Shadows, probably some mild swearing and Shion.

No song lyrics can appropriately describe the sheer WTF of this night. )
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WHO: Saori Nakagawa & Margulis; any spectators welcome
WHAT: That sparring match they promised
WHEN: Tuesday 11/20, morning
WHERE: Outskirts of town
WHY: Because they wanted to. And people can place their bets
WARNINGS: Violence but not to the point where someone gets murdered. I hope.

On this morning, Saori was up but not at the Elysium tea house. Any employees or early bird customers can find a sign saying "Opening Late Today. Sorry for the Inconvenience." 

Instead she was in the outskirts of town, dressed in her attire she normally reserved for the Dark Hour, waiting for someone.There were several metal flasks attached to her waist since they provided her secret weapon. She had her eyes closed in thought until she heard footsteps.

"Glad you could come, Margulis. Ready when you are."
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Who: April Sinclair and Ledah Rozwelli
What: Even an event doesn't stop these two from going out on a date.
When: November 19th, afternoon.
Where: Starting at their room, and then going around the city.
Rating: PG/ Maybe PG-13-ish

Here be fluff! )
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[All exploring of the tower that springs from City Hall during the Dark Hour can be done here for the sake of convenience. All information can be found here; items found during treasure hunting will be left to player discretion.]
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Who: The various NPCs of Prospero and you!
When Evening of the 31st--6PM to 11PM
Where: The function hall, City Hall's third floor.

[The function hall was no spectacularly grand thing, but it was passable--all in all it was what one might expect from a party held by city officials. Decorations, food, drinks, dancing, the whole nine yards. A few individuals were there early--the Katsaros sisters having assisted in setting up, Detective Gabriel and Officer Harrison slacking off and working security respectively.]

[It was a lighthearted and pleasant atmosphere in general, the only truly unusual thing being the appearance of Prospero's until-then mostly faceless mayor, who one might have been forgiven for doubting even existed until then.]

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WHO: Saori and anyone who wants to join.
WHAT: Caliban crawl 
WHERE: ....Caliban
WHEN:  Oct 29-Nov 2 
WHY: Because some people want to relieve their stress and boredom by killing shadows. Oh and reaching out for the truth or something like that.
Rating: PG-13 for violence against Shadows and other things?

On the 29th, everyone on the network received a brief text from Saori:

"If anyone is interested in doing a dungeon run, I'll sticking around the entrance of Caliban for the next few days."

While she wasn't being affected by whatever was going on and the loss of a co-worker, Saori decided she was slacking the progress in exploring Caliban's depths. Regardless, she decided to camp out in front of Caliban's entrance, fighting the shadows that hung around there as she waited. And yes, her hair color is actually a dusty rose pink because of her costume for Halloween. Plus it would be fun to mix it up.

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Who: Everybody!
What: Horror movie marathon!
When: October 19th, Night.
Where: Castle Wyvern, since David kindly offered his place for this.
Rating: PG to PG 13-ish?

[At around midday, a mass text will be sent out to everyone:

There's a horror movie marathon tonight at Castle Wyvern, at around 8pm! Everyone is free to come along!

[And at the specified time, anyone who comes to the castle will be lead to a room which is set up for horror movie marathon-ing, complete with lots of snacks (provided by Gaignun and Saori) and pillows to hide behind if need be. That was probably April's idea.]
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WHO: Korra and anyone [open]
WHAT: Korra is getting too reckless even for her
WHERE: Streets
WHEN: October 14th Dark hour
Rating: PG to PG13 for violence?

She don't need a Persona. Nope. )
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Who: Hiyono Yuizaki and the police force.
What: A trip to the police station while under the effects of pheromone coffee! Blackmail may ensue.
When: October 12th; after school.
Where: The Prospero police station.
Rating: Probably not over PG; will change if that is the case?

Did you really think she would leave them alone for long? )
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Who: Everybody!
What: A party to lift everyone's spirits.
When: Afternoon of the 3rd.
Where: Gilgamesh's swank pad isn't being used anymore, right? Okay. There.
Rating: PG-13 max. That means you Ryuunosuke :|

We're-alive-again parties tend to be a thing here. )
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WHO: [personal profile] Saber (Arturia) & whatever innocent bystanders get sucked in
WHAT: After clearing a bunch of trash mobs, Saber's stuck fighting a mid-boss. Unexpectedly being bested by a Shadow who uses an ability she knows nothing about.
WHEN: Dark Hour of September 28th
WHERE: Streets

So as I pray!! )
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[All exploring of the tower that springs from City Hall during the Dark Hour can be done here for the sake of convenience. All information can be found here; after some consideration, items found during treasure hunting will be left to player discretion.]
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Who: These guys.
What: A visit to Caliban to see if there's anything out of the ordinary. You know, for a monster filled dungeon that only exists during an hour that doesn't exist.
When: Dark Hour of the 24th.
Where: Elysium and then Caliban.
Rating: PG-13 for Shadow smashing.

Anyone here have all the force of a great typhoon? )

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