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Mission: Infiltrate the Police Force GO

Who: Hiyono Yuizaki and the police force.
What: A trip to the police station while under the effects of pheromone coffee! Blackmail may ensue.
When: October 12th; after school.
Where: The Prospero police station.
Rating: Probably not over PG; will change if that is the case?

Today is the day it will all fall together.

She had taken the day off from work and club activities (easy to do, since she was the president and also the only member) and phoned ahead of time to arrange for a meeting with a police officer. She had told them it was for a (ficticious) assignment; learn about the different jobs available in Prospero and do a report on them. People didn't tend to turn down students when they showed an interest in their organization, so getting an appointment wasn't difficult at all.

And to top it all off, she has a cup of pheromone coffee in hand, swiped from Elysium all that time ago. It isn't because she lacks confidence in her ability to obtain information, but instead out of curiosity. She has enough stashed away to last her a few tries, and she wants to see if it's worth using to get particularly difficult information. If it really made the process substantially easier... Well, she may just have to look into ordering some for herself in the future.

"Hello! I'm Hiyono Yuizaki, the student from Prospero high school. I called in beforehand." She puts on her most charming smile as she disposes of the now-empty cup at the nearest trash can. The effects should definitely be in full force by now.

It should be interesting, seeing how this turns out...
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"Oh, right--you're doing an assignment or something, aren't you?"

The disheveled detective was the one to greet Hiyono, closing the small notebook he'd been writing in.

"If you want to talk in my office, it's right over here."
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"I guess it'd be getting the wrong message across if it was intimidating." he remarked absentmindedly, walking beside her. "I mean, the police force is geared to protect and serve, so scaring off the population isn't a great idea."
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"You think so? I guess it's alright--I've never really had any problems. Darcy's a little impersonal, but maybe she just doesn't like me that much."

He laughed at that, opening the door to his office.

"Please, go ahead and make yourself comfortable."
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"Detective Frederick Gabriel. I'm thirty-five, and I've been here...uh..."

He paused at that, sitting behind his desk and looking thoughtful.

"I don't know, maybe half a year?"
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"Really?" He laughed at that, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. "I was working at a department on the mainland until I was promoted and transferred here about six months ago. Maybe that's why?"