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The Masquerade Ball Begins

Who: William Shakespeare and EVERYONE
Where: His playboy Mansion
When: Friday 16th
Summary: Shakespeare organized a Masquerade Ball.
Rating: PG

[ Shakespeare work hard and organized the best thing ever. Or at least he spent tons of money in this party. Soon the day arrived and everything was ready for this to be a night people would never be able to forget. HAHAHAHA THIS IS FUNNY CONSIDERING WHAT IT'S AWAITING FOR HIM

Okay, Miyu kinda fails to this quick things. I'm gonna work in the sub threads, excuse me. Also, feel free to make new ones and remember to put your tag here.

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[Ugh, this was cliched. It was probably already a cliche when she was still alive. Rider leaned on the balcony with her head on her hand, huffing out an annoyed sigh as her other hand tapped a steady rhythm on the railing.]

[What was she doing? She was a pirate, for God's sake. A terrifying privateer who looked at her problems and then threw flaming ships at them. Or in this case, a terrifying privateer with an elder god residing within her head. Same difference.]

[The point was that she was the villain of her own story and quite happy to be, thank you very much. The villain never got the fairytale happily ever after, obviously. She was used to that; enjoyed it, even. The brightest flame burned out the fastest, but it was brilliant for the fleeting moments it existed.]

[This...this wasn't her. The fancy party, the nice dress, the sparkling wasn't Francis Drake. This kind of thing belonged to someone else entirely, the kind of girl whose life Rider wanted nothing to do with.]

[She was all dressed up like a fairytale princess. And it was disgusting. ]
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Tch. Me, troubled? Don't be a fool.

[But she abruptly stopped tapping when she heard him speak, glancing over her shoulder.]

I don't get troubled. [Except this wasn't a problem she could fire cannons at.]
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...hmph. [Damn, he was good.]

Fine, if you so wish for the truth. [She sighed again, crossing her arms.]

The truth of the matter is that this isn't me. The dress, the party, the whole sparkling fancy idiot brigade? I can't stand it. There is nothing that is less appealing to me than this kind of upper-class nonsense.

So go ahead, William, and ask me the obvious question of why I turned up.
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If you know already, then I would be wasting my breath. But for the record and so there can be no misunderstanding, I will state the obvious.

For whatever imbecilic reason, William, I like you. I don't know if perhaps I'm bored or if this gibberish-spouting kraken in my head's finally made me go utterly mad.
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[man, if you were anyone else she would be whipping out the pistols she's hiding under that skirt. Guess you lucked out somethin' fierce.]

[A few moments later there would be one (1) very huffy Rider starting to turn a color to match her hair.]

That's just...I mean...dammit you could at least have let me finish a thought before derailing things like that!


Look, William, it's not this simple. You don't even-... [She scowled, cutting herself off for a moment and trying to recover.]

...You don't even know me. Hell, at this point I don't even know myself.
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Don't start that sentimental bullshit with me, William. I've already spouted enough of that for the both of us.

[She ground her teeth together, crossing her arms. All of a sudden Rider was painfully aware of how uncomfortable she was. From the situation she was in right down to the ribbon tying her hair back, everything was foreign and twisted and wrong. She just wanted to know who or what to shoot to fix this utter clusterfuck.]

I'm's complicated. And I don't know if I can tell you, because if you knew then you would definitely look at me differently. And that would just piss me off like you wouldn't believe.
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I am not afraid!

[She was shaking now, though that was more likely sudden anger than anything else. Anger at what, exactly, was unclear. It wasn't him, wasn't this stupid damned dress, wasn't the fact that she thought she was insane for spending an hour brushing her hair...she was just frustrated that he was right. No matter how she covered it up, at that moment she was nervous for the first time in recent memory.]
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2/3 i lied

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...Listen to me carefully, William. I am about to tell you something no living person on this earth knows. I am not like you; not like any heroic spirit, I dare say. I have my legend and my acts recorded, and yes, I am the one to whom all those acts were credited. I am Francis Drake, and yet...I'm not.

[She sounded calmer now, though her voice was strained by an edge of frustration and hesitation.]

I have been Francis Drake for many years. I am a privateer and a navigator, the best there has ever been. But I...was not born under the name 'Francis Drake'. I was neither born to a farmer and his wife nor was I the eldest of twelve children.

One night, a friend--my only friend--gave me a choice. I could stay in a palace where everything was done for me, or I could jump out the window, run to the shore, get on his ship, and run away to take all the world for my own. Make my own choices, live my own life. And all I had to do in return was take that sailor's name for myself and make it famous.

We switched places that night, he and I. For the rest of our lives, each assumed the other's position and name. The only others that knew were his closest shipmates and my closest servants.
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I've never told anyone doesn't matter. I'm Francis Drake now, and I have been for long enough that I don't really care about the alternative. But you, idiot, if you were anyone else, I wouldn't have had to tell you!

God knows I've done so much lying and thievery that a little more doesn't matter worth a damn, but it had to be you, William goddamned Shakespeare! It had to be the one person that made me feel like an idiot for lying to!

[She shook with a combination of anger and...what must have been nerves. Rider really didn't know for certain. When was the last time she had cared enough to be nervous? When had she ever feared anything? Damn him. Damn him and all of this.] the truth of it, William. You and I met once, possibly twice, when both of us were still alive and before I was Temeroso el Draque. I remember this, and I know that you do too. I was young back then, without my share of scars and in a stupid dress like this one.

But I had a different name then. I wasn't born Francis Drake, I was...I was Elizabeth I. Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.

And if you so much as think about looking at me differently now, I swear on the Golden Hind I will shoot you right here!
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[Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. She should have pushed him away, should have slapped him the moment he dared call her that name even once.]

[Villains didn't get happy endings. She didn't want one. Rider wanted to burn as brightly as she could, no matter how quickly it means she'd burn out. She couldn't do this; couldn't live in the kind of place she'd actively run away from. It wasn't right for her to get the fairytale ending.]'re an idiot. [Her voice was oddly quiet, lacking the anger she held only moments before.] Stick with me and your precious script's never going to end well.
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[She didn't need anyone. Not like this, at least. Vriska, Feferi, Nathan...she just wanted them around, she didn't need them, right? So why was this different? Why had she found herself incapable of shutting her mouth around him, to the point where she even dared to speak of the name she was born with?]

You talk too much.

[Whatever. It wasn't in her nature to worry this much, and it frankly made her a little nauseated to bother with. So why waste her time? Their time?]

[If Francis Drake wanted something, she took it. That was simple fact, and that was the reason she grabbed his collar and pulled him into a sudden kiss as her answer.]
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[This was nice, Rider decided as she broke apart with a smirk. In fact, she could get used to this.]

[But she'd just about have killed for a damn pair of pants at this point.] now what, exactly?
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I suppose I can wear this for a little longer. [She flashed a mischievous smile.] I'm hiding a few too many pistols under this skirt to change into a pair of pants now.

I think I'll leave that up to you. It goes without saying that I might have to kill you if you start telling everyone my little secret, but other than that I really don't care.

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