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WHO: Gilgamesh, Saori, and you [open]
WHAT: The most epic showdown ever
WHERE: Hotel lobby
WHEN: Friday (April 20 th ) 8:00pm [backdated]
WHY: A certain stupid king won’t admit heart boxers are tacky so this happened.

Next on Prospero's Next Top Model )

[ooc: Feel free to make your own threads besides the reactions to the outfits.]

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Who: Gilgamesh and Beatrice
Where: Prospero PD
When: Between April 4th and April 11th
What: An usual request from the most unlikely person to an equally unlikely person.
Rating: PG-13 because Gil will be Gil?
Warnings: Possibly cursing in an ancient language, possible moemoe tsuntsun deredere. Oh, and plenty of trolling. You know, the usual.
Or begging you to lock me up, never let me see the world. )
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WHO: Saori, Gilgamesh, Arturia and anyone who wants to crash it.
WHAT: Saori finally returns the favor to Gilgamesh for Miki's fine money
WHEN: Thursday, March 8th, 8:00 PM
WHERE: Hotel lounge
WARNINGS: none yet

A Feast for a King )
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[ ♪♪♪♪♪ ]

[ As expected, when midnight of the full moon hits, a specific Arcana will make it's presence known. The Lovers Arcana will be resting up too high to actually reach though. Instead, there appears to be two significantly large groups each of various level shadows and do they appear to be protecting something? Further inspection will show that in one group, there's a dark shade that appears to be man-like in appearance and in the opposite group? A shade that appears to be woman-like in appearance. Sound a bit familiar?

It might not take Persona owners long to figure out the goal: defeat both of these shades at the same time. Doing so will force the Lovers to retreat and victory will be achieved. Each shade is protected by a variety of shadows in the second block. ]

♥ Killing one shade (man or woman) without killing the other will result in the other one resurrecting it.
♥ Groups can consist of 3~6 characters.
♥ Characters are still under the effects of the event until the the Dark Hour is over with.
♥ Please tag this entry with your character when you have tagged in please.
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Who: Gilgamesh & you!
Where: Streets of Prospero
When:  Tonight's dark hour.
What: Gilgamesh decides to extend his search for V/V into the dark hour. The results aren't pretty.
Rating: PG-13, possibly R.
Warnings: Probably lots of violence,  blood,  screaming of the explicative nature, and general drama.
Status: Open to all~

Paid for in their pain. )
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Who: Beatrice and Gilgamesh
Where: Gilgamesh's Condo
When: Around 7:30pm.
What: Valentine's Day shenanigans commence when one slightly love struck witch goes in search of the most ill-tempered king.
Rating: PG-13
Status: Closed

Though I Won't Admit It. ♥ )

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Who: Caster (Tamamo-no-mae), Archer (Gilgamesh), Lancer (Cú chulainn) and YOU!
What: Servants actually doing their job
When: January 16th, Evening, before Dark Hour
Where: At Prospero's fanciest French restaurant
Rating: Pg-13; language, potential table-flipping/violence

[ The restaurant is abuzz with activity this evening! After much pleading and deliberation, the management has graciously allowed three "experienced Servants" to wait tables and to serve wonderful guests to some of the fanciest, most elegant French Cuisine on this side of Prospero Island! Good idea in theory, except somehow management didn't get the notice to perform a background check on these "professional servants"... ]

[[ OOC:: Feel free to tag one of the prompts by one of these three! You will be in their precious care at the restaurant tables up front, or you can steal away to the back and into the break room to harass encourage their efforts! Come alone, bring friends, take pictures! ]]
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WHO:  Enkidu & Gilgamesh. And anyone else, of course.
WHEN:  Dark Hour, August 16th.
WHERE:  The Shopping District.
SUMMARY:  Enkidu and Gilgamesh go out on a date.
RATING:  PG-13 for language, violence, adult themes... Potentially R?
WARNING: Nothing in particular. Maybe one too many bro hugs or some vivid descriptions of blood.

Righteous! )

[ Feel free to post whenever! Perhaps you got caught up outside too late? Or you're out on the hunt for shadows, too? Enkidu, Gilgamesh, Enkidu and Gilgamesh might be responding to your actions. ]


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