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[ As expected, when midnight of the full moon hits, a specific Arcana will make it's presence known. The Lovers Arcana will be resting up too high to actually reach though. Instead, there appears to be two significantly large groups each of various level shadows and do they appear to be protecting something? Further inspection will show that in one group, there's a dark shade that appears to be man-like in appearance and in the opposite group? A shade that appears to be woman-like in appearance. Sound a bit familiar?

It might not take Persona owners long to figure out the goal: defeat both of these shades at the same time. Doing so will force the Lovers to retreat and victory will be achieved. Each shade is protected by a variety of shadows in the second block. ]

♥ Killing one shade (man or woman) without killing the other will result in the other one resurrecting it.
♥ Groups can consist of 3~6 characters.
♥ Characters are still under the effects of the event until the the Dark Hour is over with.
♥ Please tag this entry with your character when you have tagged in please.
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Who: Ryu and OPEN
What: Ryu, being the natural adventurer than he is, has stayed out too late. This is a problem.
When: Saturday the 21st, Dark Hour
Where: The business district, vaguely near the Dungeon.
Rating: … PG-13 to be safe?

[The night is getting cold, and Ryu shivers as he walks along the streets. He should be getting back… but he can't figure out which way the hotel is. He doesn't like this - he can't tell where he is, this whole place is full of strange things, and he can't even transform or use his skills.]

This could be trouble. )
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WHO: Allen, his Shadow and whoever
WHAT: Confronting his Shadow, who’s quite dangerous.
WHEN: November 26th, Dark Hour
WHERE: Prospero streets
RATING: PG-13 for now.

I can open gates.
I’ll be around on the streets.
Let’s play, myself.

A single text message from his Shadow came to him at night time. ‘I can open gates’, to any other person, would sound unusual. But to Allen, it’s a subtle threat.

’I can go anywhere on the island. Even to your friends’ rooms, if I know the place.’

With the entire Shadow businesses and these dark doppelgangers, Allen knew he have to deal with his Shadow sooner or later. Everyone’s getting tired or hurt, and they don’t know how long this will last. Not only that, but few of them know the extent of his removed powers.

Adjusting his claws, he went outside to find the other ‘clown’. He hoped to deal with it by himself.
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Who: Allen and Kanda
What: Midnight investigation gone wrong.
Where: Prospero streets
When: October 14th Dark Hour
Rating: PG, rating will go up once Allen someone get offed.

[It’s midnight again.
It would’ve been another nightly investigation and training session against the Shadows. Unfortunately, with the zombies crawling around, it’s a bit troublesome to get around
...This could take a while.
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WHO: Atsuro and everyone from this log.
WHEN: July 9th, Dark Hour
WHERE: Riggs Software AKA that building that turned into a dungeon at night
SUMMARY: Now in organised groups, it's time to finally go inside.
RATING: PG-13. May go higher.
WARNINGS: Probable swearing, along with violence against Shadows.

Let's head in! )
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WHO: Atsuro and everyone that volunteers to come! And maybe those who didn't but still come anyway.
WHEN: July 9th, Dark Hour
WHERE: Riggs Software AKA that building that turned into a dungeon at night
SUMMARY: An organised investigation into the Shadow-filled dungeon. Time to get ready and know your teammates.
WARNINGS: Probable swearing.

You never know what you might find )
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[Come on in a look around. Despite today being the grand reopening the store's rather empty. Figurines, posters and old swords decorate the walls. Most of the weapons look a little archaic, but Mr. Royce might be convince to bring out something a little better.]
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WHO: Allen Walker, Yuu Kanda, Neah Walker and YOU.
WHEN: June 29th, Dark Hour
WHERE: Around the city.
SUMMARY: Investigations, Personas and a creeper.
RATING: PG. Maybe PG-13?
WARNINGS: None, yet.

At night, we walk )

#01 [open]

Jun. 26th, 2011 06:51 pm
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WHO: Serenade and you!
WHEN: June 26th, Dark Hour
WHERE: Shadowville.
SUMMARY: Serenade's awakening.

princess meet princess )
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[The clock has struck midnight and something in the air has changed. Time’s stopped, people have transformed into coffins, the coloring of the world seems all wrong. And worse, you might notice something moving in the corner of your eye. Something dark, shadow-like, and definitely foreboding.]

[Make your own threads, tag each other, etc.!  This is for Monday Night, and when your characters will first be here experiencing this!]


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