Feb. 3rd, 2012

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Who: Hakuno and EVERYBODY 
Where: Prospero High School, Home Ec Room
When: Afternoon, the day after Hakuno's truffle tutorial
What: As promised, Hakuno provides further cooking lessons for everyone while she tries to prepare her own Valentine's Day gifts.
Rating: Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure~
Status: OPEN!

True to what Hakuno offered earlier, the stoic girl can be found in the Home Ec room, already in the process of setting up various stations for those who showed interest in her lessons. She had bought enough ingredients to make several batches of truffles as well as a small amount of more advanced recipes she's planning to teach later. The proper measuring and cooking tools were available, and she even went through the trouble of preparing a pamphlet containing recipe instructions, a chart for various ganache blends, and decorating suggestions.

Use this post to mingle about and help each other in your Valentine's Day endeavors!
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Who: Willard H. Wright and Lion Ushiromiya
Where: Starts in front of the hotel
When: January 29th, afternoon
What: Once Lion was told how to use his own cell phone, he had an obligation to teach the technology impaired Inquisitor. And then they explore the city or something.
Rating: Should be pretty PG
Status: Closed

Lion is waiting patiently in front of the Bayview Hotel—at least outwardly he looks that way. He's honestly worried and beyond confused about this city, but unable to do anything at the moment.

For the time being, his plan is to meet up with Will and figure out their plan of action. He keeps an eye out for any signs of a tell-tale blue coat.


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