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Who: Mama Bird and Papa Bird
What: Event shenanigans
When: Today
Where: at a museum; science exhibit
Rating: pg13
Warnings: Possible pistol whipping, yelling, and euphemisms
Status: Closed
This is why they can't have nice things )
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Who: Ledah and Ingrid
Where: The high school
When: Backdated to last Thursday
What: Ledah gets taught to dance
Rating: PG?
Status: Closed
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Who: Ingrid and other people; OPEN
What: Gun lessons
When: Jan. 19
Where: Shooting Range
Rating: PG-13, gun use

Little old ladies are the best to learn pistol skills from )

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Who: Ingrid, OPEN to all
What: Dark Hour raids
When: January 16th, Dark Hour
Where: The dungeon
Rating: Pg-13; violence

[Ingrid's dungeon crawling tonight. So either bug the lady who's pistol whipping shadows or help her. And just pretend she called out everyone about this.]
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Who: Everyone
What: Thanksgiving
When: November 24
Where: Hotel Lobby/Kitchens/ Ingrid's room
Rating: We'll try to keep it under PG-13, but I make no promises
Warning: Drunk people

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Who: Klaus and Ingrid
What: A Coffee not-date to discuss the biology curriculum at the high school.
Where: The cutest coffee shop available. 
When: November 1st.
Rating: G, since all that's going on is two old people talking (and possibly snarking) at each other.

Slug it out with glee... )
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Who: Klaus and Ingrid
What: Klaus fights zombies and Ingrid disapproves for various reasons.
Where: The streets of Prospero
When: October 10th, the Dark Hour
Rating: PG-13 for gore. But. It's zombies. What did you expect?

He's There in the Dark... )
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Who: Ingrid and Neah
What: Ingrid keeps Neah after class to catch him up on work
Where: Ingrid's classroom
When: This afternoon
Rating: PG? may change depending

Teachers, leave those kids alone )
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Who: Ingrid and April

What: Chatting

Where: Hotel Lobby

When: Now
Words )


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