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Who: Naoya and Atsuro
Where: Near the Dungeon
When: The Dark Hour, the night of January 30th
What: With all the things that are going on, Naoya refuses to be left defenseless. Atsuro refuses to be left behind.
Rating: Possible language, violence.
Status: Closed

[There was no way he was going to go around defenseless. It was time to see if he could awaken this 'persona' ability. As soon as he saw the sky turn green, Naoya headed out, Atsuro in tow. A few of the smaller monsters were gathering around, but he paid them no mind. He followed the trail, and eventually arrived here.]

[So now Naoya is near the tall building, eying it suspiciously.]

This is the place, then.
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WHO: Atsuro, his Shadow and anyone else
WHAT: Confronting his Shadow, who’s quite dangerous.
WHEN: November 28th, Dark Hour
WHERE: Near Deacon Hall
RATING: PG-13 for now.

[He’s gone. Lion’s gone.

When he found out about it, Atsuro was...sad and disappointed. Despair or numb? He’s not quite sure, but there’s strong emotions flowing in him that he wanted to scream it out. But he doesn’t.

However, all of his withheld thoughts end up being channelled over to his Shadow. He doesn’t even need to look for him to know the Shadow’s reacting badly.

He wants to hide and avoid. But he won’t. His Shadow might hurt someone in its upset reaction. Allen, Tatsuma, Issei, Madoka--


There’s the sounds of his Shadow yelling, along with what’s most likely his own version of Amirani--his persona--being summoned to break things.]

Hey! Stop that!

He promised! Lion said we’ll stay together and he’s gone!

[He try not to wince, but his Shadow pick up on it. It hurts, having someone he personally know from back home disappearing like others. It must be how Madoka felt when Sayaka went home.]


[The swordsman appear, bearing his sword at the other version of himself. There’s the silent, mental understanding of what to do: Stop the Shadow from causing any more trouble.]
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WHO: Atsuro and everyone from this log.
WHEN: July 9th, Dark Hour
WHERE: Riggs Software AKA that building that turned into a dungeon at night
SUMMARY: Now in organised groups, it's time to finally go inside.
RATING: PG-13. May go higher.
WARNINGS: Probable swearing, along with violence against Shadows.

Let's head in! )
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WHO: Atsuro and everyone that volunteers to come! And maybe those who didn't but still come anyway.
WHEN: July 9th, Dark Hour
WHERE: Riggs Software AKA that building that turned into a dungeon at night
SUMMARY: An organised investigation into the Shadow-filled dungeon. Time to get ready and know your teammates.
WARNINGS: Probable swearing.

You never know what you might find )
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WHO: Atsuro and you!
WHEN: June 27th, Dark Hour
WHERE: Around the city.
SUMMARY: Atsuro lost track of time, but then…help came.
RATING: PG. PG-13 at most.

A boy and his fighter )
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[The clock has struck midnight and something in the air has changed. Time’s stopped, people have transformed into coffins, the coloring of the world seems all wrong. And worse, you might notice something moving in the corner of your eye. Something dark, shadow-like, and definitely foreboding.]

[Make your own threads, tag each other, etc.!  This is for Monday Night, and when your characters will first be here experiencing this!]


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