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WHO: Everyone!
WHAT: Beach Party
WHERE: Prospero Beach
WHEN: Saturday, May 19th all day
RATING: Swimsuits, water fights, sun burns, alcohol--oh my! Will... lock if things get out of hand.

ALSO: We're going to try something a little bit different from normal big event logs as far as organization of threads. I've seen this done with success so we'll try it here! This will be an experiment of sorts. Please comment with ONE THREAD (and only one!) per character to be tagged by others. For your header please write your character's name so people will be able to find and tag you with ease! For example, "Yukiho Hagiwara | Open"; you can check out my posts below as an example! There are three listed areas and please try to contain your characters in these three listed areas in this log. The areas include Prospero Beach's swimmable ocean, Prospero Beach's shore, and the boardwalk. Feel free to let creativity roam free! There are lots to do in any of these locations!

Action or Prose style threading is fine here; no pressure! And don't forget to tag yourself in!

[ Wow.

Enjoying that sizzling heat? The dry, slow-rolling heat that just bakes everything? You thought sitting in a desert was hot. No, this seems hotter. The sun was an oppressive slave driver beating down hot UV lashings onto your poor unprotected backs, the air just sucking the moisture out of everything. So then, is it a relief when suddenly the weather turns for the muggiest? The heat still remains, but it's a gross, damp, icky heat you feel to the bone. The air is so humid and hot you could poke a leak into it with a knife. This disgusting weather goes on for days--until finally on Saturday, there's relief! It's still hot, but the humidity and temperature both drop to at least comfortable hot levels. Not to mention it's sunny, pleasantly breezy and not a cloud in the sky.

Time to hit the beach Prospero! ]

Along this quaint boardwalk are a number of food vendors. Come beat the heat with a Popscicle! Grab some funnel cake! Are those hot dogs being grilled over there? Maybe you'd like some fish and chips! Of course food isn't the only thing that's making its way around the boardwalk; there are performers and peddlers out there to earn a buck as well! Watch out--did someone just ride on by on a bike?

It's clean, pristine sand as far as the eye can see! Thanks to the efforts of the sun and the city it's warm and for the most part litter free! Come for a game of beach volleyball! Build some sand castles! Go for a beach jog! Maybe you're turned off from Boardwalk food so you brought your own grill for a picnic! Or lay down, soak up the sun and take a nap!

The ocean is refreshingly cold but all the inviting, considering how yucky-hot it's been! The swimmable area on the beach is noted by marked buoys to keep aquatic vehicles out and swimmers in. But outside? Anything goes! There's a dude up the beach renting out innertubes, floatation devices, boogie boards--even row boats, canoes, paddle boats! If you have the money you can spring for such frivolous expenses like a jet ski! Or maybe you have a bud who owns a yacht?
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Who: Edel ([personal profile] lostherstrings) and Tamamo-no-mae ([personal profile] kitsunemimi)
What: Edel's Persona is feeling the effects of the full moon and she needs help in dealing with it
Where: A park not that far from the Hotel
When: Night of May 4th
Rating: PG-13 for mild violence

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Who: Sakurako Shiina, Eater, Elsie de Lute Ima, Madoka Kugimiya, V/V, John Egbert, Tamamo, Nero
What: First band meeting!
When: Backdated to the weekend.
Where: Sakurako's dorm room, for lack of anywhere better.
Warnings: Presumably none. Action tags and threadjacking ahoy. Backtagging forever is also cool. No thread order, because that would be nightmarish.
Status: Closed to band members.

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Who: Assassin (Li Shuwen), Caster (Tamamo-no-mae), Inoue Orihime
Where: Mean streets of Prospero City, Downtown
When: January 24th, Dark Hour
What: Father (Assassin) and Mother (Caster) take their doting Daughter (Orihime) out through the Dark Hour!
Rating: violence, language, adult themes
Status: Open!

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Who: Caster (Tamamo-no-mae), Archer (Gilgamesh), Lancer (Cú chulainn) and YOU!
What: Servants actually doing their job
When: January 16th, Evening, before Dark Hour
Where: At Prospero's fanciest French restaurant
Rating: Pg-13; language, potential table-flipping/violence

[ The restaurant is abuzz with activity this evening! After much pleading and deliberation, the management has graciously allowed three "experienced Servants" to wait tables and to serve wonderful guests to some of the fanciest, most elegant French Cuisine on this side of Prospero Island! Good idea in theory, except somehow management didn't get the notice to perform a background check on these "professional servants"... ]

[[ OOC:: Feel free to tag one of the prompts by one of these three! You will be in their precious care at the restaurant tables up front, or you can steal away to the back and into the break room to harass encourage their efforts! Come alone, bring friends, take pictures! ]]


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