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WHO: Kaito and the mystery killer.
WHEN: August 9th, before midnight.
WHERE: The crime scene area.
SUMMARY: Kaito is investigating, not noticing he falls into the rat trap.
RATING: PG-13, probably R?
WARNINGS: Possible death.

So long, idol boy. )
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WHO: Kaito and Ishtar, then Ryuunosuke.
WHEN: June 18th, afternoon.
WHERE: The hotel lobby.
SUMMARY: Kaito was having two appointment in a day, until he found out the civilians were acting strangely.

People are strange. )
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WHO: Atsuro and everyone from this log.
WHEN: July 9th, Dark Hour
WHERE: Riggs Software AKA that building that turned into a dungeon at night
SUMMARY: Now in organised groups, it's time to finally go inside.
RATING: PG-13. May go higher.
WARNINGS: Probable swearing, along with violence against Shadows.

Let's head in! )
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WHO: Atsuro and everyone that volunteers to come! And maybe those who didn't but still come anyway.
WHEN: July 9th, Dark Hour
WHERE: Riggs Software AKA that building that turned into a dungeon at night
SUMMARY: An organised investigation into the Shadow-filled dungeon. Time to get ready and know your teammates.
WARNINGS: Probable swearing.

You never know what you might find )
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WHO: Kaito and whoever shows up.
WHEN: June 4th, late afternoon.
WHERE: Behind Bayview Hotel.
SUMMARY: When he's not singing, he practices something else.

This is no longer a game for a robot. )
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[Come on in a look around. Despite today being the grand reopening the store's rather empty. Figurines, posters and old swords decorate the walls. Most of the weapons look a little archaic, but Mr. Royce might be convince to bring out something a little better.]
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WHO: Atsuro and you!
WHEN: June 27th, Dark Hour
WHERE: Around the city.
SUMMARY: Atsuro lost track of time, but then…help came.
RATING: PG. PG-13 at most.

A boy and his fighter )
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Who: Zero Lancer and whoever happens to be out past midnight.
Where: Around the city/wherever Shadows need pummeling.
When: Dark Hour, 6/24
Summary: A Servant looking for a purpose and finding something else.
Rating: T for totally awesome Persona?
Log: and now, let the filled sigils be annihilated in my stead )
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[The clock has struck midnight and something in the air has changed. Time’s stopped, people have transformed into coffins, the coloring of the world seems all wrong. And worse, you might notice something moving in the corner of your eye. Something dark, shadow-like, and definitely foreboding.]

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