Apr. 4th, 2012

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Who: V/V and Neville
What: adorable meetings?
When: Today
Where: Book store
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nada
Status: Closed
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[Text; Response from Sakurako]

[Early in the Morning, everyone who was reported as murdered will get the following text:]

Hey! ! know you all have been through a lot and probably feel k!inda down so come to the bookstore ton!ght at 7 and well cheer you up!!

Action: Gil's bookstore

[Anyone who comes into Gil's bookstore around 7 am will find it decked out with a banner saying "Welcome Back!" On a table stands a sheet cake frosted with the letters "You're Alive again!" and a post of soup simmering away on a hot plate. Around both of these are a number of smaller plates holding a much fancier cake, strawberry and all, each with the name of one of the victims written on it. The cafe cats are decorated with a ribbon of their own, to varying degrees of annoyance to each of them. They have been joined by Sakurako's cats Cookie and Biscuit, who seem to be enjoying their stint as the center of interest to a number of their fellow felines.

In the back stands a small Karaoke machine, beeping away in an attempt to generate interest. The couches and chairs have been pushed flush with the outer bookshelves to create a bit more space for people to mingle.

Miki is sitting at the counter, waiting to get coffee (or I guess, sell books) to anyone who is interested in buying some extra stuff.]
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Who: April Sinclair and Ledah Rozwelli
What: A kite-flying date!
When: Wednesday 4th, afternoon.
Where: Starting at their room, and then moving to the beach.
Rating: PG

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